Oh yeah.

Meant to also mention that I went tubing down the Salt River yesterday with A______. Man did it rock! The water is at its highest in years which alas results in a lot of vegetation underwater and a whole lot of mud, but also means a wider river and faster-flowing water! The water was also quite chilly, almost cold, and so I took great pleasure is exhausting my fat, out of shape ass by getting off my tube and swimming about like an extremely awkward, ungraceful, and (did I mention?) fat otter! However this also meant that my sunscreen didn’t hold up quite as well as it should have. My back, shoulders, and chest are a bit . . . pink. Quite pink to be honest. Doesn’t stop me from being super excited to go back! Next time I’m going to drag my brother, his son, and perhaps his wife along. They have no idea as yet of course, but what is life if not a series of surprises?

Oh, and my good friend Smashley managed to get my phone stolen. Not my current one that I use, but my slightly-older-but-no-less-expensive one. I’m not super upset about it anyway, but instead quite disappointed for her. She’s currently in mid-air likely somewhere over the Atlantic right now on her way to Britain and so she is without the tri-band phone that would be so handy to her right about now (well, in a few hours, but you get the picture!). But none-the-less she has Bowlesie’s phone number so if she makes it up Scotland way she’ll have someone to hang out with and show her the sights. I’m jealous as hell actually, as I quite miss it over there, but really how could I give up all the fantastic/fattening food that I’ve grown so used to since my return? 😉 Anyway, so it’s still a bummer that she lost it because I was thinking of using it when she returned. It’s just smaller than my PDA and so slightly useful. But whatever. It was a legitimate mistake! Best of luck to you, my dear!

NOW I’ll sign off. Again, take care!

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