I need to reduce my general level of stubborn . . .

So I got it into my head to import every single entry, even dating back to the days when my blog was on SIKEnterprises.com, into my new blog. Well, I did it. All. Tonight.

I did not however upload those to LJ like everything else however. I mean I STARTED to, but then Holly pointed out that it was messing with everyone’s friends’ pages over there and I decided that was a tad . . . embarassing. So now let’s see if my disabling that hack resulted in it not working at all!

So, the long and short of it all is that you now have a more-or-less complete look into my mind from now way back to January of 2004. I would NOT suggest going back that far, as I was a bit whiney at the time. It was ugly. But anyway, should you want to read anything older than a couple of weeks, just hit the “Archives” tab up top and enjoy yourselves!

Take care everyone. I’m off to bed. I DO have to work tomorrow, afterall. More’s the pity . . .


P.S. 7 days until A_____ gets back. I think it’s safe to say that I’m pretty fricken excited! Nervous, but excited.

P.P.S. Today is my Dad’s Birthday. As of today, he’s 6 decades old. Wish him a happy birthday or else you suck.

P.P.P.S. Holly, there already is RSS functionality. You just subscribe from the page by clicking on the orange RSS logo. Just FYI . . .

A REAL test post for LiveJournal.

Hey everybody! This is being created in my new WSFITS blog. If I got this hack right, it should also be appearing whole on LiveJournal. Please don’t leave comments there as I might not get them. If you MUST comment, just follow the link and say somethin’ on my actual page!

Thanks everyone and I hope you’re having a great Sunday. I know I am! Just got back from Ruth’s Chris where we celebrated my Dad’s 60th birthday! It’s unreal! I can’t believe how young he looks and acts all things considering. He DID raise Amy and me after all, so that’s bound to make just about anyone old before their time!

Take care everyone.

Damn you Holly!

When issued a challenge, I cannot refuse. This is well known, hence why I am so mad at Holly for making me reveal “Six Random Things About Me You Might Not Know.”

1. I am double-jointed in each of my thumbs, though I do not do gross things with them anymore as a) they freak other people out (which is actually usually a bonus); b) it makes my hands hurt sometimes; and c) I’m deathly afraid of the arthritis which already runs in my family and which I have a starter case of (and I don’t know if it contributes but I’m not willing to find out).

2. I went through a phase where I made all my closest friends pick a rock/stone and give it to me, so I’d have something physical to remember them by a la “With Honors.” I stopped however when I couldn’t keep some of the rocks straight and I figured it would be too crass to label them. I still have those stones however.

3. I absolutely CAN/WILLNOT drink most alcoholic beverages including: beer of any sort, whiskey, tequila, bourbon, etc. Ironic however considering I adore “girly drinks” and VODKA.

4. My maternal grandfather killed himself when I was 10 because he was afraid of a very treatable disease. As a result I have a deep and abiding disgust for suicide. Kurt Cobain is/was a fucking loser.

5. I think I have pseudo-OCD. It doesn’t manifest often, but when it does I will clean my entire domicile for hours upon hours and get remarkably upset when someone messes it up. Other times I’m messy, but can never quite cross over into slob-dom.

6. I have never ever seen a live production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” that I haven’t loved. Like to the point where I want the actors to come back on stage and do it again.

There you have it. Now is when I “tag” six others. You must share my pain! Bwa ha ha ha ha! 😀

So step right up Katie, Meggan, Leigh, Marie, “lovipug” (LOVE that name!), and Spencer (in his own blog . . . and because I really needed a guy in this list)


Bored bored bored bored bored

I hate it when I can’t get to sleep. Especially when the weekend is coming up and I am sans book. Weekend = need to not watch every episode/movie that I own in preparation for later boredom, and of course lack of book means nothing to read. I used to blog A LOT in such situations, but I have recently been quashing that instinct as I’m told I can get . . . long winded.So now I will give a small update of things I find cool/of interest.

1) Yesterday was one of my best friends’ birthday (well, two days ago now). This being Carrie Bowman. She turned one quarter of a century, and was feeling very down about it. Should you know her and should you encounter her at any point, please feel free to make fun of her as much as you’d like. Tell her I said it was OK. Also, smack her ass. She likes that! 😉 (not really. You do so VERY much at your own risk. Seriously. She’s crazy . . . )

2) Today (yesterday really) was Thanksgiving. I’m not a huge fan of most currently-celebrated holidays, but I make an exception for this one because I get to eat a lot and see my family. This makes me happy as it is basically accepted among my family that there will be at least ONE drunk person at every party, and lately I’ve been calling first dibs. Being drunk and carrying on a conversation with not one but TWO 80+ year old grandmothers, generally about how my dating life is going, is GOOD TIMES.

3) Working on holidays really really sucks. But the pay is really really good, so I’m thinking that I will continue such acts. Especially when the scheduling permits me to still partake in the types of fun I truly enjoy (see number 2).

4) Both The Prestige and Casino Royale rock my socks. The Prestige was great because it was full of twists, had a great story line, and you can’t beat the David Bowie as Nikola Tesla. Casino Royale was great because it simply was. I wasn’t expecting much but was still blown away. By the way, Eva Green has now taken a place among my growing collection of future wives. She was fantastic as the Queen in The Kingdom of Heaven and she was similarly great as Vesper Lind here. I guess it’s the so-dark-they’re-almost-black blue eyes . . . just like Sienna Miller’s. Ahhhh. Sienna. Why must you be so crazy?

5) Over the past several months I’ve been saving a portion of every paycheck in hopes of gaining myself a PS3 when they hit the stores. I realized a few weeks ago however that this just wasn’t going to happen, so bit the bullet and bought Microsoft’s offering, the XBox360. I’ve been digging it quite a lot, especially GUN (3rd person old-west style shooter) and Gears of War (futuristic 3rd person shooter). They make me happy. Similarly I’ve been greatly enjoying previous seasons of “How I Met Your Mother” and “Boston Legal.” Of course it goes without saying that since Neil Patrick Harris has now come out of the closet, How I Met Your Mother will almost certainly die a painful death, but what can you really do?

And now I am feeling sleepy so shall shut the hell up and let you all get back to your previously scheduled day.

You’re welcome.


November 7th

Two things: Happy birthday to my dear sweet sister, Snotface, who turns a quarter century today.And two: GO VOTE! I may hate and despise all these stupid campaign adverts, but they’re the small inconvenience that comes with being able to help decide the course of our community/state/nation. So get out there and make your voice heard!

That is all. Go about your day.


OK, now I’m depressed . . .

I originally intended to write this post yesterday, but I got interrupted by life and so the moment has more or less passed, but not the feelings so invoked.The 26th of October marked a day for me. It was the one year anniversary of me moving home from Glasgow. I was struck by this at work and so wrote to the few people from Glasgow that I had the email addresses of in my GD email for one reason or another (namely Chris, Alistair, and Shona). Basically just a little note saying “Hi. Wow. It’s been a year, etc.” The one response really got me though. Shona wrote back about how boring her life has been. About how “all she’s done” is go backbacking by herself (all 90 pounds of her) in Eastern Europe, run a few marathons, started teaching undergrads, and made strides in writing her PhD.

“So Ash, how have you been? What’s been happening?”

Errrrr. Ummmmmmm. Have you ever had to account for an entire year of your life and had absolutely no idea what to say? Yeah, that sucks.

The only point of this post is that I’ve REALLY got to get myself a life! Gotta start travelling, creating, influencing, or at the very least start a damned hobby or something!

That is all. Just feeling . . . maudlin.


P.S. And to anyone from Glasgow who happens to stop by every once in a while . . . I miss you guys! I miss it all. Even the gods awful food and the worse telly. Last weekend I even found myself glued to my couch because I couldn’t stop watching the “Spooks” marathon (aka “MI-5”) that was on. Why oh why couldn’t I have just managed to make a life there? Anyway, hope you’re all well!


When did it become cool again to make really REALLY REALLY bad 70s movies over thirty years later? More to the point, why? Yes, I admit I was not a fan of Kill Bill Vols. 1 or 2, but the trailer that’s been released for Tarantino’s new crap-fest, Grind House, makes even camp 70s zombie/action/horror look legit. The fact that the bit that the trailer comes from is likely a product of Robert Rodriguez makes for an even sadder Ash.If you are feeling the need to see what I’m talking about, click below for the YouTube version of the trailer. But it will make you sad too. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Told you.

In other news, my company sucks. Very first day as a full-time permanent employee and they announce suddenly that our bonus tiers have all been adjusted “to challenge us more.” That’s right, they make us produce more in order to get what they were giving us before. If we “only” produce the same amount as before, we get half. And all supposedly so that we get warm fuzzies because we work for a company which challenges and motivates us.

You know, words just do not describe how much I hate it when people think I’m stupid and try to treat me accordingly. To say that this move is for our benefit and NOT the company just wanting us to push their wares more is the biggest crock of shit ever. Yeah, the company exists to make money . . . but I WORK THERE to make money. To cut my bonus in half EVEN THOUGH YOU’RE ALREADY TURNING A HUGE PROFIT is purely unexceptable.

Oh, and anyone wanna fire me over blogging about this? Go for it. Ash = litigious and VERY vocal bastard.

That said, just to cover my ass:


Due diligence.


Another post in attempts to accept imperfections . . .

I guess I just need to keep trying. I’m using an email account that I
don’t often use as my primary blogging tool, since I’m actually able to
access this account from work. This makes things easier, though
blogging at work is definitely under the category of “Bad Idea,” but
see if I care. But the point is that I REALLY don’t like the narrow
word wrap thing that’s going on, but I can’t seem to find the settings
which will expand said word wrapping further . . . So blah.

I just wanted to make the totally unnecessary announcement (seeing as
none of you people probably know him) that my cousin Travis and
his wife Rosey are pregnant again. They’re having a girl and no word
yet on names, though due date is mid-February (putting child two
exactly 13 months younger than child one. Damned rabbits).

In other news I’m still awake entirely too late. WTF is wrong with me?



I took A_____ to the airport at Oh-Dark-Thirty this morning. She is currently winging her way to North Carolina where she will no doubt dazzle all the red-necks as the beautiful Princess T________.Needless to say, this makes me somewhat sad. She and I have been spending pretty much all available time together for the past few weeks in preparation for today, which really just results in me missing her all the more now that she’s gone. In hindsight, perhaps spending so much time together was a somewhat silly tactic. Oops.

And to add insult to injury, I am now late for work since I stopped to write this post.