Today, my lovely lady friend turns 25. Apparently she was born during the worst cold snap in a decade, and so it is probably her fault that all of us have been taking pictures of SNOW IN THE DESERT all day!

Oh, and in celebration of her birthday, I will no longer be referring to her merely as A_____ but instead by her full name, Alanta. This should not have been THAT hard for you geniuses to figure out however, as I have a link to her website below!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and I’ll write again soon . . . more than likely after Wednesday when I find out if I managed to get that job at GD!


Holy crapmonkies!

So I meant to write this post earlier this week, but I’ve been genuinely busy ALL week and so haven’t managed to find the time (apparently the folks at GD have figured out that when someone tries to access a page called “wp-login.php” that it’s for non-work related stuff, so I’ve not been able to post from work as I thought I would be able to).

So on Tuesday I got a text from A______.  She told me that she had had a blonde moment and sent a package for me to her parents’ house, and could I PLEASE go pick it up?  I figured this meant I was getting all sorts of Faire goodies, so of course I made the effort to drop by on my way home from work that night.  I knock on the door and her sisters answer.  I’m pretty good friends with the both of them, so we chat for a bit, and they say “Oh!  That package, yeah it’s in my room.  Come on.”  So I follow them back and open the door . . .

. . . and there is a young blonde woman sitting at the computer with her back to me.  She’s wearing a pink shirt JUST like A_____’s and I just stared, because I knew — KNEW –  that it just couldn’t be her.  She was at the LA faire and couldn’t possibly be home . . .

. . . but I was wrong.  She was totally home early.  She had planned months ago to surprise me, and surprise me she did!

So that was a lovely surprise, which is saying something because most people know that I REALLY don’t much like surprises.  Mostly because I don’t know how to react and generally just blush really badly . . . which I have been reminded multiple times since Tuesday is exactly what I did.  But still.  It’s nice having a girlfriend back in the same town you live in.  The whole long distance thing really doesn’t much work for me and so it’s a great thing that it’s over, even just a little bit early!

In other news, I had a FANTASTIC two weeks at work.  Thanks to two very well sized lap sales I finished in the top bonus tier, so my bonus check next Wednesday will be of a fantastic size.  Further, my team has won at least second place (we should have won first but were robbed in a few ways) in a shopping spree contest.  Alas I will not be allowed to participate as I was disqualified for missing several days due to illness (which blows), but at least they all will have lots of fun!

I also am thrilled that I am in the advance stages of attaining a new character/costume for the Arizona Renaissance Festival.  I’m going to be the Court Astrologer.  I don’t know yet if he’ll just be bombastic and irritating or just completely inept, but either way much fun will be had.  The fabric and patterns have all been obtained (and not very cheaply) for the costume and are currently being assembled by the ever-talented Smashley, and will probably be completely finished by the new year.  All I need now are some accessories (a book on a chain, a hat, some mystical crap) and a new pair of shoes/boots (my old ones are truly torturous) and I’ll be all set!

And that’s about all I know.  I’m still loving WSFITS though I’ve discovered that the theme I’ve chosen DEFINITELY works best at a certain screen size (1024 x 768) but it’s still good times.

Hope you’re all well and I’ll talk to you soon!

I need to reduce my general level of stubborn . . .

So I got it into my head to import every single entry, even dating back to the days when my blog was on SIKEnterprises.com, into my new blog. Well, I did it. All. Tonight.

I did not however upload those to LJ like everything else however. I mean I STARTED to, but then Holly pointed out that it was messing with everyone’s friends’ pages over there and I decided that was a tad . . . embarassing. So now let’s see if my disabling that hack resulted in it not working at all!

So, the long and short of it all is that you now have a more-or-less complete look into my mind from now way back to January of 2004. I would NOT suggest going back that far, as I was a bit whiney at the time. It was ugly. But anyway, should you want to read anything older than a couple of weeks, just hit the “Archives” tab up top and enjoy yourselves!

Take care everyone. I’m off to bed. I DO have to work tomorrow, afterall. More’s the pity . . .


P.S. 7 days until A_____ gets back. I think it’s safe to say that I’m pretty fricken excited! Nervous, but excited.

P.P.S. Today is my Dad’s Birthday. As of today, he’s 6 decades old. Wish him a happy birthday or else you suck.

P.P.P.S. Holly, there already is RSS functionality. You just subscribe from the page by clicking on the orange RSS logo. Just FYI . . .


I took A_____ to the airport at Oh-Dark-Thirty this morning. She is currently winging her way to North Carolina where she will no doubt dazzle all the red-necks as the beautiful Princess T________.Needless to say, this makes me somewhat sad. She and I have been spending pretty much all available time together for the past few weeks in preparation for today, which really just results in me missing her all the more now that she’s gone. In hindsight, perhaps spending so much time together was a somewhat silly tactic. Oops.

And to add insult to injury, I am now late for work since I stopped to write this post.



Oh yeah.

Meant to also mention that I went tubing down the Salt River yesterday with A______. Man did it rock! The water is at its highest in years which alas results in a lot of vegetation underwater and a whole lot of mud, but also means a wider river and faster-flowing water! The water was also quite chilly, almost cold, and so I took great pleasure is exhausting my fat, out of shape ass by getting off my tube and swimming about like an extremely awkward, ungraceful, and (did I mention?) fat otter! However this also meant that my sunscreen didn’t hold up quite as well as it should have. My back, shoulders, and chest are a bit . . . pink. Quite pink to be honest. Doesn’t stop me from being super excited to go back! Next time I’m going to drag my brother, his son, and perhaps his wife along. They have no idea as yet of course, but what is life if not a series of surprises?

Oh, and my good friend Smashley managed to get my phone stolen. Not my current one that I use, but my slightly-older-but-no-less-expensive one. I’m not super upset about it anyway, but instead quite disappointed for her. She’s currently in mid-air likely somewhere over the Atlantic right now on her way to Britain and so she is without the tri-band phone that would be so handy to her right about now (well, in a few hours, but you get the picture!). But none-the-less she has Bowlesie’s phone number so if she makes it up Scotland way she’ll have someone to hang out with and show her the sights. I’m jealous as hell actually, as I quite miss it over there, but really how could I give up all the fantastic/fattening food that I’ve grown so used to since my return? 😉 Anyway, so it’s still a bummer that she lost it because I was thinking of using it when she returned. It’s just smaller than my PDA and so slightly useful. But whatever. It was a legitimate mistake! Best of luck to you, my dear!

NOW I’ll sign off. Again, take care!


Been a while. This is for several reasons. The first one is that I’m holding down three jobs of varying time-requirements per week, but they really add up to me not being in the mood to blog that often. Plus spending a lot of time with the girlie also cuts into blogging time. Finally, I spent a really good portion of last/this week in Colorado and so was operating under a partial self-inflicted ban on the internet.

But let me tell you that Colorado ROCKED. The idea to go up was first put forward by Carrie Bowman who first visited while I was working the CO Faire in 2000. She loved it and has been bugging me to go back since. Then Smashley jumped in on the bandwagon and wanted to come along. About this time it was mentioned that my gran Gigi wanted her Jag driven back up so that she could use it this summer and a plan started forming. I would drive up with Smash early in the week and stay at Casa de Gigi in Littleton, Bowman would join us at the weekend, we’d hit the Festival, then head home. About then I invited A_____ and she was in too so at one point there were four of us going. Then Carrie’s friend got a girl pregnant and the shotgun wedding was last weekend so she dropped out. Then Smash a) didn’t have the money and b) had to go to LA to get her passport sorted for her impending international travel, so she dropped out. So then it was just A_____ and me, which I tell you was just perfectly fine with me!

The drive was relatively uneventful (compared to previous drives up there which have been known to involve speeding tickets, blow outs, being run off the road, and frantic searches for gas stations). At various times we slept, watched movies, visited my old/best friend Meggan in CO Springs, slept, watched movies, watched the rain, slept, visited the festival, watched movies, slept, visited my old boss/mentor Kristan in South Denver, watched movies. It was grand. It was just what I needed except shorter!

So that’s where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing. I hope everyone else has been having a grand old time and I promise to pretend to intend to blog more now that I’m back in town and “more energized.”


What a crap day.

First off I missed the Partner’s Meeting for Keller Williams this morning. The reason? Because I wasn’t told that it was happening. JoAnn claims she sent out an e-mail blast, but seeing as how I’m 110% sure I didn’t get it I’m pretty sure it’s not my fault. Nonetheless I was chewed out for it. By five different people. Literally. Adding insult to injury is the fact that at no previous meeting have I ever been mentioned, and yet at this one my name was brought up TWICE, once to point out that I would be one of a few guinea pigs in our office working with a new web technology (talked vaguely about at my normal webpage: AshRhodes.com) and once to acknowledge that I’ve been working my ass off as a technology/education guru for little thanks and no pay. And I wasn’t even there for it.

On top of that, the whole reason I came into the office today was to go with a female agent to a sign-call appointment to help reduce the risk of rape/kidnap/murder (for her, that is), and yet the appointment was cancelled at a moment’s notice by the potential buyer saying he “needs to postpone” without of course specifying if he meant later in the day, later in the week, or later in the month. So that was a waste of shower gel. I was then chewed out AGAIN because I didn’t get an e-mail about ANOTHER meeting that at that point I was late for but could still attend. I went, and it was about that same technology that I mentioned before. During the course of this meeting I became splattered somehow with blue sharpie, totally ruining my favourite dress shirt and even managing to make it look like I had kissed someone wearing blue lipstick. I got mad skillz, yo.

Then of course came the not-being-able-to-find a gas station that would take the gas card that I had, then the being-so-desperate-for-gas-that-I-stopped-at-ARCO-and-paid-$50-instead, all of which were fun.

And THEN, I stopped to pick up A_____ when she got off work . . .

. . . and all that crap became just entirely OK the moment I saw her.

Yeah. I’m so screwed.


Ah, sweet familiar work . . .

So the whole Real Estate thing is what I’d desperately prefer to keep doing, but right now it is just NOT bringing in the money I need, you know? And by “money I need” what I really mean is “any money whatsoever.”

SO, I decided a few weeks ago to go back into the only business that I KNOW I can do well . . . Door Stewarding. I applied at a few places but didn’t hear anything and then on a lark applied at a bar in Tempe near where A______ works and was immediately hired on with great — almost embarrassing — levels of gratitude! So my first shift was last night, and I’m certain I don’t need to tell you all that the differences between it and Jinty’s were . . . striking . . . to say the least. It’s a nice place though, and despite the fact that a lot of my brethren are a little on the small side for this line of work AND there’s not a female on the door staff, I think I’m going to really enjoy the job . . . assuming of course that I can get used to standing for 6 hours at a time again!

Well this is me blogging from my phone again while waiting for food, and I think it’s about to come, so I’ll say good bye. Wish me luck for day number two!



Happy late Beltane to all you folks out there who, you know, appreciate such salutations. Unlike some people that I’ve recently been speaking to, I did nothing to celebrate my favourite holiday other than spend part of it with A_____. And no, it wasn’t spent doing that! Pervert! Instead we played video games with her younger sister, grabbed some food, and then curled up to watch “The Whole Nine Yards.” All in all, very low key. There’s a reason though. Those of you who have been reading for a while know the story of me coming home this time last year, and the fact that I missed seeing my granddad one more time by just a single day. Well, that really was a year ago yesterday that he died, so celebrating the holiday of fertility and love seemed a bit perverse, you know?

There’s really not that much more to be said at this exact moment. I’ve got a really busy week ahead of me, but as long as it doesn’t involve me spending too much money that I don’t have, I’m OK with that! I do want to say congratulations to and however. These two radical feminists (in the nicest possible way) apparently have done something I could NEVER manage to do, which is win something off of the radio. They’re both pretty much ready to pee themselves in excitement over the fact that they got tickets to a very private concert with Imogen Heap (if you don’t know who that is, that’s OK. It means you’re neither a radical feminist nor a hippy. Good for you!). So yay for them and I hope they have a grand ol’ time!

Take care everyone,

P.S. To those of you who care and in the interest of not gaining too many enemies, please allow me to point out that Imogen Heap is not actually a super militant feminist (read “wymynist”) singer/songwriter like, say, Ani DiFranco (and that statement will also earn me enemies, but whatever). I just mean that for some reason the fans of said Heap tend to follow a trend, at least when I was in Glasgow. I can’t really comment for here . . . I just like giving these two girls a really hard time. Because they’re easy targets! 😉 You know you love me, ladies!


Been a while, so I thought I’d let everyone know that I am indeed alive and well . . . er . . . well, at least I’m alive!

So business. Business is still going and I’m drumming up a bit more interest, though none of it has translated itself into any success as yet. I went on a listing presentation last week but my competition promised all sorts of things that I couldn’t (up to and including a commission cut AS WELL AS a promise to have their house professionally cleaned and landscaped) so the sellers went with the other guy instead. I can’t really blame them, but I hope they realize that under those conditions the realtor is almost certainly passing the commission discount on to the buyer’s broker meaning no one is going to be lining up to bring their clients to see the property.

Anyway. Moving on. I’m surviving happily with Faire being over, though even with (or perhaps because of) my abreviated run I still find myself really missing being out there every weekend among friends new and old. I also miss the flirting games, though those have continued to one extent or another since the end of the run. I have been spending a lot of time with one young lady in particular and I’m really digging her. I really know how to pick ’em though. She’s moving across the country in a few months. So that’ll be fun. With my track record in mind, I’ll probably fall for her totally and completely about two weeks before she leaves. I got mad skillz, yo. Speaking of her though, we’re going to be going to see SSC’s production of “Much Ado About Nothing” on Friday night — and those who’ve not seen it absolutely should! I caught Sunday’s matinee and laughed until my sides hurt! After that we’re leaving Saturday morning to drive down to Tombstone to be tourists. She’s never been and I’d like to get some pictures of the Rose Tree. I know, I know. Rather gauche to be bringing a date to the site of your wedding, but whatever. It’s entirely too beautiful a place to not share with others!

Other news. Other news. Hmmmmm. Well, we’ve got Easter celebration as usual at my folks’ house. The last number for attendance that I heard was somewhere around 35. By no means the most we’ve ever had come to our little soiree, but not the least either! Geez. That’s about all I can think of for the moment, actually. I think I need some sleep. OK, OK, some more sleep!

Take care everyone.