Cast of Characters

The cast of characters:

Ash the Mighty

That’s me. I have written a bit about me right here if you’re interested. I can’t imagine why.


My wife. She’s just a few months older, a bit shorter, a lot skinnier, and a ton wiser. Except that she fell in love with and married me. She’s also absolutely hilarious and has been known to keep a blog or two on the Internets as well. For her own privacy I’m not putting too much information about where to find that stuff up here, but it’s out there.

The Cap’n

Also occasionally known as “BabyBear” and “Fuzzy”, The Cap’n is Charming and my son. As of writing he is just shy of 3 years old. He’s a good kid, and is likely going to be the death of me.

The Little Dragon

Our youngest, conceived in Barcelona (the land of St. George and the Dragon), she is equal parts adorable and a terror. If she could just stop making that terrible screeching noise, that would be AWESOME.

The Step

Charming’s daughter from her first marriage. She’s now grown and out of the house, so we don’t see her that often, but she is definitely still very much a part of our lives!

The Monsters

Our two cats. Need I say more? During Project Wanderlust we sent the cats to go live with their grandmother in Seattle. She has informed us we are not getting them back. Joke’s on her!

The Godfather

My “brother”, Spencer. When both The Cap’n and the Little Dragon were born, he was tapped to be their Godfather. We have long subscribed to the belief that family is just as much who you choose as who you’re born related to. Spence is proof of that.

The Godmother

My “cousin”, Michael. Yes, Godmother. You would never think to call him anything female . . . at least not to his face. But we wanted two godparents for the kids and so someone had to be the Godmother. It was far too hilarious to us for this Strongman competition winner and Oz extra reject to fill that role!

The REAL Godmother

Charming’s besty, Kelly. We figured the Little Dragon should have at least some female role model (besides Charming that is), and so we went with three godparents for her. She’s “Aunt Keddy” to both the kids!

Various and Sundry

These are not names of people, I just mean that there are various and sundry other people who are very important parts of our lives, but they don’t live in the house. As such, I’m probably not going to mention them quite as often. At least I hope not, because that will indicate a level of drama quite unnecessary, I feel!