Doings and happenings

I’m not entirely sure that either of those words are, you know, real. But whatever.

So yeah. Real Estate just wasn’t meant to be apparently. I’ve now completely and totally cut that out of my daily life, though I’m still a member of my brokerage just so that I can list some friends’ houses in case they ever actually get around to selling. However in the mean time this has meant that I’ve had to find a new job which has been a mixed bag, mostly full of disappointments.

First off I thought I’d have a job lined up with a property management company that I got my cousin a job with. Turns out they’re full up at the moment and aren’t looking for any more property managers. Apparently I’m not the only ex-realtor looking to use their real estate license for something other than resale! But that’s OK though because I figured I could always fall back on what I had originally planned on doing when I moved back from Alba . . . teaching. See Mesa is so hard up for teachers that for the past few years they’ve had an emergency teacher certification program wherein you could begin teaching immediately if you already have certain degrees.

Turns out that thanks to the No Child Left Behind Act, such things have been ruled illegal and so I would have to go back to college for an unknown amount of time so that I could get my teaching certificate . . . a prospect which interests me not in the slightest. As a small side note, let me make a point. I have a Master’s degree in History. That means I’ve studied the subject for years and years and years, and have dumped tens of thousands of dollars into my own education. How can the state and federal governments assume that I and my fellow graduates would be willing to then go BACK to school, paying quite a lot of money in the process, for one to two years just so that we can get a job which is universally recognized as being high on crap and low on pay? I am the first to say that we need teachers who are well trained and highly motivated, but when you make it even more difficult for us to even start down that road, well no wonder you have a shortage of teachers. The least you could do is pay them a salary commensurate with the amount of aggravation the job entails! Hell, apparently even my close friend/college prof Holly Hammond would apparently have to go back to classes to get some teaching credentials despite the fact that she’s been teaching for the past five years or more!

Argh. Anyway. So that didn’t work out. Long story short . . . well, not exactly short . . . I’m still jobless. Well, careerless. I’m still working as a bouncer and making not nearly enough money to pay my student loans. I’ve applied and I think hired for (knock on wood) a job with a company I shall refer to as “God Damn” (for legal and reference purposes), but have yet to get a solid start date for any training. If it is for real then I’m actually thrilled because this company pays well, has a great benefits package, and does most of its promotions from within the company. I’m all for that. I’d love to start out somewhere, even at the bottom (assuming the bottom isn’t too arduously shitty) and work my way to the top . . . or at least to management. Then once in management I can always shop around to other companies if my own starts sucking too badly.

Holy crap. I’m actually starting to look for a real honest-to-goodness career. I must be ill or something.

Take care, everyone.

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