One week in.

So I got a job at a company called “GodDamnit” (or if you are offended by such a term, imagine instead me saying “GoshDarnit”). The pay is better than anything I’ve ever made before (which honestly isn’t that hard), the benefits (once I get them at the end of my 3 month probationary period) are fantastic and “free” (as in, unlike my sister, they don’t take anything out of my paycheck for health/life insurance, etc), and the people are fun. I’ve been in training for one week as of now, and have one more week to go before I become a phonebank slave.

So I start in the phonebank in a week or so and work a relatively crap shift, but one of the cool things is that this company promotes almost entirely from within. That means that as you work and prove yourself you get better shifts, bonuses, and promotions . . . and such rewards apparently come quickly. In fact a couple of days ago I spoke to someone who is really quite high up in the heirarchy and he is expecting his FIRST annual review some time in the next couple of weeks. He started where I am and I find that awesome (and he really looks quite a lot like me if I was about three inches taller and several pounds lighter and I find that eerie).

So there’s that. Things with A_____ . . . continue. Her trip that she should have left on months ago at this point is still up in the air, and I take a lot of responsiblity for that (which I feel bad for). We generally spend way too much time together which has REALLY cut into outside-work projects (for her that means actually packing up and leaving, for me that means getting my fat ass to the gym), but we genuinely enjoy and like each other so much that I don’t really mind. We just fit together in an awful lot of ways, and I honestly didn’t think that would happen again after C!

But I digress. The point of this is work and really I’ve said a lot of what I CAN say. For various reasons the employees of my company are under various forms of gag orders and so I can’t really talk too much about the place (plus should I ever decide to criticize them in my blog, I can apparently be fired for it if I get too specific, so at no time will I be mentioning the name of this company, nor the true names of any of my coworkers/bosses . . . yes, you were right that “GodDamnit” is not the real name, but it’s a fun psuedonym so deal with it!). So when I can/need to vent, I’ll write about it all, but I can’t go into the details of my normal every day job, as I’d rather not get fired from the best-paying job I’ve had to date . . .

Much love everyone and I’ll see ya on the flip side!


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