The HPV Vaccine

The BBC is reporting that scientists and doctors in the UK will be meeting to discuss the need to vaccinate young men against HPV.

It is regularly said by health professionals in the US that HPV vaccine is something which is and should be only for females, but clearly the vaccine has been shown to be effective for men too.  Which is a good thing, since HPV has been determined to be the cause of some 2,000 cases of cancer each year in the UK alone.

The point to all of this? I don’t know that I have much of one. The CDC estimates that over 75% of the sexually active population has been or will be exposed to HPV. At least 15% are infected, however this number is believed to be low since there is no reliable test available for men yet.

In short, any kind of vaccine is not only a good idea, it’s vital to the general health of the population.

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