I know that any number of people would give me no end of shit for so easily claiming Alba as my homeland, but one cannot help how the heart feels. And tonight, my heart is heavy indeed.

Faced with the opportunity to follow through with a shared dream which every Scot that I have ever known, and by all the gods have I known a few, has harboured in their chests; the people of my family’s land and the land to which I look back on with eternal…Well, with eternal mixed feelings…but that’s not the point here, now is it?

The dream of once again having a country of their own, free from rule by a government which does not represent them, does not understand them, and certainly does not respect them. As an American and a student of history, I respect the hell out of those motivations.

And yet, they’ve gone and cocked it right up, now haven’t they?

At last count, the vote stood at 45% for Independence and 55% against. Too close to call it a mandate and too far for there to be much of a doubt by any but the most loyal of supporters, which I fully understand. Instead, Westminster may have the out they need to continue business as usual, while the world keeps turning.

The good news in all of this of course being that at least Montreal is denied an excuse to try and seceded. Again.

Alright, I’m ok again. Whew.

EDIT: Just had to add my favorite tweet from this entire mess:

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