On Names.

If you read this blog, odds are excellent that you also read the travel blog that my wife and I keep over at PleaseSendBBQ.com, however in case you don’t you may want to read today’s incredibly exciting news.

And if you read all the way to the bottom of that post, you’ll find that yes, the Rhodes family will be growing by one. Kendra and I have already been asked a few times where the name Georgia Marie came from, and I figured I would lay it out here.

Those of you who can do basic math will be able to tell that Georgia’s . . . well, her “genesis” came about while we were living briefly in Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona as a city is obsessed with St. George (of “St. George and the Dragon” fame). They have festivals (La Diada de Sant Jordi, a festival during which you give roses and books to your sweetheart!), statues, and building art all dedicated to the Saint.

St Jordi

Georgia seemed only appropriate not only given where she came from, but also given how much we loved the city.

Marie . . . Marie is my maternal grandmother’s name. Known by everyone of my generation that has ever met her as “Gigi,” Marie Elward née Aber was born in to a typical mining family in north-western Colorado (read: incredibly poor). She grew up in Hayden, CO where there were such fun stories as how she had a dog sled which would take her to and from school. At the age of 20 she was crowned the 1951 Miss Colorado, however this lasted for only about 36 hours before there was a minor scandal (the type of which we, in modern day, would hardly notice, but back then she personally decided to abdicate her position).


#161980780 / gettyimages.com
#161980780 / gettyimages.com

(that would be her in the middle)

Between the odd summers and regular winter visits, I was practically raised in her house as a second home, and we’ve always been very close.

When Kendra and I first got together, I told her three things:

  1. I don’t know if I want to have children.
  2. If I do have a child, any boy will be named Malcolm (Shiny).
  3. And if I have a girl, I wanted to name her Marie.

Two out of three just isn’t bad!


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