A few little fun tidbits to share with you:

From BBC Online. First off, Vice President Cheney has apparently gotten tired of being only indirectly responsible for deaths and has decided to start shooting people himself. This is why guns and old-guys-with-bad-hearts-and-worse-aim don’t mix.

Vaguely less grim and also from BBC online, all my friends from the Mediterranean Archaeology department are probably in nearly-orgasmic joy over the Grecian Tomb which has been found near Pella (where Alexander the Great was born). This is actually pretty cool and you might learn something if you read the article so give it a try.

Speaking of paroxysms of dirty joy, my friend down in London is also going to be needing to go to her bunk after seeing the preview for Mission Impossible III. In a blink-and-you-miss-it moment you see the Tom Cruise will be dressing as a priest at some point in the coming travesty of a movie (and further supporting the inevitable truth that the man is gayer than the day is long).

And finally, I can happily report that migraines which are proof against Imitrex, Aleve, and Excedrine can actually be taken down by a very full glass of Kettle One vodka. Who knew?

OK, not finally. REALLY finally, I’ve got exactly 1000 hits on home.ashrhodes.com as of now. Woo hoo!

And that’s the news for now.


  1. But its Tom Cruise. He may be responsable for destroying my priest perving if I see the trailer… Theatans! Theatans everywhere! RUN!!!


  2. I can’t believe the flak Cheney’s getting for this. No sensitivity from the bleeding-heart liberals? He shot his friend. Anyone who has been hunting can appreciate the fear and the horror of something like that.


  3. That was rather my whole point. I figure that if you’re pervy enough to go after priests in general (you do realize that Boston is what happens when priests are sexual beings, right?), you MUST be weird enough to perv after Tom Cruise! 😉

    And I have to confess something. As much as I have sworn over and over again that I will never see another Tom Cruise movie, and despite the fact that each of the two previous Mission: Impossible movies have sucked rocks, I can’t help but get all excited when I hear the music. I LOVED this show as a kid! How could I resist it?



  4. Maybe I should be more “sensitive” about this but truth be told, I don’t hunt. I don’t like guns and can honestly say that the closest I’ve ever been to something like this is firing a .22 rifle at a paper target at summer camp when I was about 9.

    In general, I’ve gotta say that if someone is worried about shooting their friends DON’T DISCHARGE A WEAPON IN THEIR VICINITY. Hunting, like say swimming with great white sharks, holds a certain amount of inherent risk. Efforts are made to mitigate those risks. But if you turn around blindly and fire off a shot when you know there are people around you then you are an idiot and generally deserve public mockery.

    But that’s just the opinion of a not-so-bleeding-heart liberal. 😀



  5. if you turn around blindly and fire off a shot when you know there are people around you

    That’s just it. His friend failed to signal his moves, and when Cheney fired, the friend was where he shouldn’t have been. Fortunately they weren’t deer hunting…


  6. Yes, that is indeed what happened . . . according to the official White House press release.

    And we all know they always tell the truth.

    But you’re right, at least they weren’t hunting deer.

    And in all seriousness, despite the fact that this was an accident, isn’t it still illegal to shoot someone with a gun? Shouldn’t there be, you know, a firing of a different sort some time soon?



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