The Bernie Sanders Phoenix Rally

Last night, Kendra and I attended our first ever political rally.

It’s not that I don’t have what you would describe as a political bent, I just learned from a fairly early age to keep it to myself.

You see, my family has always been incredibly political in nature. My grandfather served in the United States House of Representatives for 30 years (retiring when I was a toddler) and my uncle took his seat when I was in grade school. But they were both staunchly conservative Republicans, though from an age when bipartisanship was seen as a leadership trait and the idea of shutting down the government in a fit of pique was . . . well . . . it wasn’t even an idea. Because who would do such a bat-shit insane thing?!

Anyway. When you grow up in such a family, when you have both social and economically left leanings you keep your mouth shut or risk facing the ever-dreaded look of disapproval not just from said grandfather, but worse yet . . . from your grandmother.

I’d seriously rather die.

More rambling below the jump.

Oh, motherland.

I know that any number of people would give me no end of shit for so easily claiming Alba as my homeland, but one cannot help how the heart feels. And tonight, my heart is heavy indeed.

Faced with the opportunity to follow through with a shared dream which every Scot that I have ever known, and by all the gods have I known a few, has harboured in their chests; the people of my family’s land and the land to which I look back on with eternal…Well, with eternal mixed feelings…but that’s not the point here, now is it?

The dream of once again having a country of their own, free from rule by a government which does not represent them, does not understand them, and certainly does not respect them. As an American and a student of history, I respect the hell out of those motivations.

And yet, they’ve gone and cocked it right up, now haven’t they?

At last count, the vote stood at 45% for Independence and 55% against. Too close to call it a mandate and too far for there to be much of a doubt by any but the most loyal of supporters, which I fully understand. Instead, Westminster may have the out they need to continue business as usual, while the world keeps turning.

The good news in all of this of course being that at least Montreal is denied an excuse to try and seceded. Again.

Alright, I’m ok again. Whew.

EDIT: Just had to add my favorite tweet from this entire mess:

Texas: Less embarrassing than Arizona…Sometimes

Just a bit more than a year ago, I fully admit that there were tears in my eyes as I read about Wendy Davis’ stirring filibuster to prevent what can only be described as a bill designed to restrict a woman’s right to choose in Texas.
Here’s the whole story . . .

THAT was quick.

CNN is carrying the story that I first read on the front page of the East Valley Tribune. In it we discover that South Dakota legislators have already thrown down the legal gaunlet which will inevitably lead to the Supreme Court revisiting Roe v. Wade.

I remember doomsayers pronouncing that Bush getting the chance to nominate not one but two Supreme Court Justices meant very real trouble for the right to choose in this country.

Looks like they might have been right.

And to head off as much controversy as possible, I know I’m not a woman. I’ll never have to make that choice myself and so can’t really talk about this. But I don’t believe that other males (or anyone of any gender for that matter) should have the right to take away this kind of choice either . . . especially since this lovely piece of legislation does NOT allow for abortions in cases of rape and incest (and to my British readers, I feel I should inform you that in America rapists with good enough lawyers have legal rights of access to any children born of such an act).

OK, enough preaching. Just vaguely sad about all of this hooplah.

Au revioir.


A few little fun tidbits to share with you:

From BBC Online. First off, Vice President Cheney has apparently gotten tired of being only indirectly responsible for deaths and has decided to start shooting people himself. This is why guns and old-guys-with-bad-hearts-and-worse-aim don’t mix.

Vaguely less grim and also from BBC online, all my friends from the Mediterranean Archaeology department are probably in nearly-orgasmic joy over the Grecian Tomb which has been found near Pella (where Alexander the Great was born). This is actually pretty cool and you might learn something if you read the article so give it a try.

Speaking of paroxysms of dirty joy, my friend down in London is also going to be needing to go to her bunk after seeing the preview for Mission Impossible III. In a blink-and-you-miss-it moment you see the Tom Cruise will be dressing as a priest at some point in the coming travesty of a movie (and further supporting the inevitable truth that the man is gayer than the day is long).

And finally, I can happily report that migraines which are proof against Imitrex, Aleve, and Excedrine can actually be taken down by a very full glass of Kettle One vodka. Who knew?

OK, not finally. REALLY finally, I’ve got exactly 1000 hits on as of now. Woo hoo!

And that’s the news for now.

Seriously. Why are they bothering?

This won’t be a long one, so don’t worry. I just noticed this article on BBC wherein I discovered that Saddam Hussein “walked out” (after having been ordered to leave) of his own trial. Despite having requested permission to leave, he was shocked when he was ordered to do so. “I led you for 35 years and you order me out of the court?” Later he left shouting “Down with the traitors.”

Now there’s no question that the dude is simply not a nice man. Killed a lot of people and whatnot. Granted, students of Middle Eastern History could tell you all sorts of stories about how what he’s done is nothing compared to what his predecessors did, but this isn’t the time nor the place. Instead let me just point out that historically, when you overthrow a tyrant, YOU KILL THEM RIGHT THEN. At the most you convict them of trumped up charges over the space of a half hour in a kangaroo court. You do not televise the thing and you don’t try and pretend like he’s going to get a fair trial. This is Saddam Hussein being tried in Iraq. That would be like trying Hitler in Israel.

You’ve just got to stop all this BS. He’s a walking dead man. He knows it. The jury knows it. This new trial judge really knows it. Someone put a bullet in his brain pan and let’s move on. All this is doing is creating a mockery of the legal system and giving him and his subordinates more chances to make political speeches. Does anyone actually want that?

Just a thought.