It’s been at least a post since I subjected you folks to something about my kids, so here you go again!

Despite copious opportunities to move and live elsewhere, I have (perhaps foolishly) chosen to return to that jewel of the Sonoran Desert: Phoenix, Arizona, after each one of my adventures. You might say I’m a glutton for punishment (for any number of reasons).

Like anyone who was born and raised in this area, I more or less write off the time between March and October as being a no-go for outdoor activities. There are exceptions, of course; both in people who refuse to acknowledge the heat and in activities which are worth braving 100+ degree heat in March.

I can’t really speak to the former because that’s a sort of insanity which I have not been cursed with . . . I have plenty of my own problems, thanks! But I am definitely familiar with the events make the heat exhaustion and sunburn worth it, and the list gets far more substantial the more time you spend two kids in a small house let me tell you.

Yesterday the high was a scorching 104 degrees and between daycare letting out for the summer and not seeing his cousins for a few days, Malcolm was absolutely bouncing off of the walls. If things had been any cooler, we would have taken him to our local playground and run him around until he fell over exhausted, but someone’s wife said something-something-blah-blah “he’ll burn himself.” Pshaw.

So off to one of our numerous local outdoor malls we went (which makes so much sense to me . . . in the desert . . . let’s create outdoor malls . . . but whatever), where they had this thing called a splash pad. Basically it’s a soft-impact mat with a bunch of fountains embedded in it. Kids are allowed to play in it and the hope is that it doesn’t turn in to the Hunger Games too quickly.

It turns into the Hunger Games.


It was amazing how quickly hierarchies and alliances were established. Toys were stolen. Toys were stolen back. The kids that seemed to do the best were the ones who were like Mal who hadn’t yet developed a concept of ownership so were like “you want my toy car? OK, cool. I’m just gonna keep playing in this water here. I’ll get it later.”

Total madness.

Wow, this post has gotten away from me. Anyway, here are some photos. Also, little Georgia with her beautiful smile.

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