Ikea introduced a line of inductive chargers recently and during a completely unrelated pilgrimage to that mecca of Scandinavian flatpack decor this week, my wife and I ran across their display case and ended up tripling our register bill (despite the chargers themselves being relatively inexpensive at just under $30 each).

The chargers work just as advertised. If you have a Qi-enabled device (such as Kendra’s Nexus 5), just plug in one of their six-inch diameter platters (in white or wood finish . . . or assemble a table or lamp which has the charger built in . . . we went with a couple of the stand-alones for now) and then put your phone in the center of the little plus/X. Voila. It’s charging. And fast. Kendra’s phone went from 50% to fully charged in less than an hour.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a Qi device anymore. My trusty Nexus 5 which did great service all through Europe died 2 months ago and could not be resuscitated. Instead, I have an iPhone 6, which does not have any fancy wireless charging solutions built in. Hell, iPhones only just got NFC! Not to worry though. Ikea had me covered. They had some of the ugliest, plainest phone covers I had ever seen available to add that usability to my iPhone:

See? Both ugly and plain
See? Both ugly and plain

When we got home, I was thrilled that everything worked right. As a bonus, this new case was smaller (if only slightly) and lighter than the behemoth mophie I had been towing around previously. But I still couldn’t get over how ugly it was. I guess I’m not a minimalist.

I couldn’t find anyone selling customization kits online, and then a friend of mine and my wife’s suggested I make my own. Thus, this project was born.

I present: my first foray (ever) into Mod Podge.

According to everyone I’ve spoken to this means I had some sort of terrible childhood because I had never even heard of the stuff, but for anyone else like me, Mod Podge is a product which has not changed significantly since it came out in the late 1960’s. It’s a clear-drying glue and sealant (I also used the brand’s spray-on acrylic sealer). I admit, it was actually fairly fun and I can see why people say my childhood was lacking! Now I’m finding myself eyeing up things in my house which could benefit from shit being stuck on to it (much like when I first got my hands on Sugru. Those were some dark days).

So here are some photos from my project as well as the finished result. It won’t actually be COMPLETE complete until later today when the acrylic has finished curing. I just gave it a test run however and everything seems to be working fine (though when things heated up on the charging mat, the acrylic stuck the phone to the mat a bit . . . hopefully that will stop when it’s fully cured!). There is information on each step in the caption of the photos. Enjoy! Or not. You know, whatever.


    1. Thanks! I’m rather proud for my first go-round. I think I need to find some sealant which is more heat-proof, as this one doesn’t seem to be working too well when the phone charges . . . but it’s all about iteration!

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