Update of unknown length . . .

OK, first off, yes, (mostly) moved in to the new flat with only minor difficulties. And these were of the nature of medical problems (second round of kidney stones) and lack of items I thought I still owned . . . but don’t. Which sucks.

So I’ve spent more money than I had planned. Which is not as much of an issue as it could have been for two reasons. One, my parent/grandmothers are helping me out muy a lot (for instance, Gigi bought me blinds/curtains for the entire flat, the cost of which made me pee a little in terror at the thought of paying for them myself). The other, I got word that the promotion (HOLY CRAP!) that I had been working towards for the better part of a year had finally happened.

So yes, I am now a Supervisor for GD. This comes with an eventual pay raise (they put new sups on a kind of probationary period at first) and a whole hell of a lot more stress, but I really can’t complain because it’s pretty much all I’ve been working on for months and months at this point. And if it makes a difference, the team they gave me is one of my old ones that I was a Floor Lead for, so at least I already know the team and they know me!

Not much else going. As I’ve not written a while, I’ll say that (obviously, from the comments left) Alanta and I are still dating and doing well. Snotface and Husband of Snotface are both doing fabulously as well and have each gotten promotions/new jobs themselves. Mom is working her ass off for SSC as usual and also as usual is on the perpetual edge of a nervous breakdown. Dad . . . well, Dad is the same. He works, he plays golf, he watches the DBacks . . . he’s just Dad.

To be honest I don’t really know how pretty much everyone else is doing because I don’t really get to talk or see them very often. Between working 3rd shift, buying the flat, moving IN to the flat, and generally being exhausted all the time, I’ve not been left with much social time (sorry!).

I hope everyone truly is doing OK!



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Frustrated Scream of Rage.


(*pant pant pant breathe*)


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It’s the name of the site!

So I have to always be putting up stuff related to Thermopylae, Sparta, and 300 in general.

So now for your viewing pleasure:

Funny, eh?

And in other news, I’ve applied for a supervisory position at GD. It’s not for the general floor but instead for a new department that we’re starting up that actually makes custom websites for the customers. I have NO IDEA if I have much of a chance, but here’s hoping nonetheless!



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If you are requiring people’s help. If you are relying on other people’s good will and their desire to help you. Be nice to them. If you can’t be nice, be civil. DO NOT call them children. DO NOT call them retards. DO NOT accuse them of incompetence in any way whatsoever because if you do, they will stop wanting to help you. They’ll still do it, but they won’t go out of their way anymore, and believe me when I say that a lot of time your stupid and insignificant problem WILL require them to bend the rules for you . . . and if you piss them off then they have no reason to do so anymore . . .

Just a warning.


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This has been A LONG week, and it’s not going to be getting better any time soon. Each time on the entire floor has had a mandatory overtime day which has been great for managing the queue time, but has resulted in a lot of short tempers. My team’s is on Saturday, which would have meant I couldn’t work first weekend of Faire at all. This was NOT OK, so I managed to get someone to cover my shift in return for taking his tomorrow.

So for those keeping track, I worked 6 days last week, will work 6 days this week, and my one day off will be spent on my feet all day out at the Renaissance Festival. Oh the things we do for the love of bad historical recreation and the enrichment of greedy little trolls (that would be Jeffery, not Bob)!

That’s been my life for the past fortnight, so don’t expect much from me. The new job is really great but exhausting, and I talk so much that I lost my voice on Tuesday night and have been wheezing all my answers for the past two days.

I can’t really go into it yet as things are still up in the air, but there’s also a very real possibility that I will no longer be able to afford a condo/townhouse of my very own. The downpayment probably won’t be the issue, but instead the month-to-month expenses. et’s just say that the British are right in insisting that their children not have to start life off with huge debt, because MAN does it cut off all your options!


Take care everyone.


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It’s been . . . a week.

In browsing around tonight waiting for TicketBastard to stop not working so that I could buy Flogging Molly tickets for pretty much everyone I know, I realized that it had been a week or so since I posted and that I should probably fix that.

So a few things. First, great big congrats are due to my brother, Spencer who, it turns out, really is pretty smart. It seems he has been ranked third in his class thus far in the Sandra Day O’Connor School of Law. This pretty soundly prods buttock, and I’m extremely proud of him!

In other news I have started the job referenced the in the previous post. Thus far it is pretty cool and I dig it. It’s nice to be off the phones for at least part of the day (I still have to take over for reps pretty regularly), and I really REALLY love answering questions and helping people out, so that also rocks. I’ve yet to get a paycheck of course, but needless to say the increase that will exist there will ALSO rock.

And finally, I am apparently allowed to reveal that last night I became a member of an ancient organization which my father and both of my biological grandfathers were members, one of which enjoyed a position of great accord. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, last night I became an Entered Apprentice in the grand tradition of Freemasonry. I joined the Lodge that my father belongs to and which my grandfather, Dee, once belonged. Of course I cannot give any details about my experience, but suffice to say it was one that I won’t soon forget, and I am anxious to learn more whenever my incredibly limiting schedule will allow!

And THAT is just about me. I’ve got a potentially LONG day tomorrow, so I shall bid you all adieu.

Good night, good work. Sleep well. I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.


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I’m narcissistic . . . and dead.

So I’m at work. Which means that I’m really REALLY bored. So I did something that I haven’t done in a really long time and Googled myself. Turns out that AshRhodes.com comes up first when you run a search for ash rhodes (even without quotes!). My success is not so great when I run a search for “daniel rhodes,” which really shouldn’t be that surprising. “Daniel Rhodes” is the psuedonym for a horror author, and as I recall there is also a musician, a bodyboarder, and a ceramicist who all share my name and are a lot more famous than I am. I was aware of all this, but what I WASN’T aware of, is that one of us has died. The good news: the dead Daniel Rhodes made it big enough that The New York Times ran the story. The bad news: he’s still freakin dead.

So yeah. Apparently I’m dead. I expect flowers from all of you now.



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