Those who have been here before may notice that there are several posts missing from my blog. Like as in nearly six months worth. That’s actually not THAT much considering how often I had been posting.

What happened is that I had been hosting most of my sites on a server which I owned with a few other friends. The server had a hardware malfunction which caused it to go down, taking ashrhodes.com, the front end for BlackHolePhotography.com down, and a few other sites down as well. All of which of course made me a sad panda. The main guy who managed it all (not because any one of us couldn’t, we all work on servers for a living, but just because it’s just kinda his project) swore that it was just the power supply, that it was under warranty, and that he could get it back up within the week. A bit more than a week later, it was casually mentioned (after we asked) that it was the mother board that was taken out as well and it would just be a couple of more days.

That was over a month ago and the thing is STILL down.

Now I’m not saying it’s not partially my fault. I’ve not been hounding him or anything. But then I DO have to work with the guy and maintain a friendly business environment (and this server is DEFINITELY extra-business). But still. And as to why this had not appeared before now is because a) I had forgotten I had managed to get these backups off of the server, b) it is a PAIN to reset everything up for a “temporary” fix (guess it’s no longer temporary) and c) the only other hosting I had access to is shared hosting which I didn’t feel like messing about with.

But, as I said . . . it’s been a month. I’m tired of not having SOMETHING up. So here we are again.

Guess you’ll just have to deal with my ramblings all over again . . .




If you are requiring people’s help. If you are relying on other people’s good will and their desire to help you. Be nice to them. If you can’t be nice, be civil. DO NOT call them children. DO NOT call them retards. DO NOT accuse them of incompetence in any way whatsoever because if you do, they will stop wanting to help you. They’ll still do it, but they won’t go out of their way anymore, and believe me when I say that a lot of time your stupid and insignificant problem WILL require them to bend the rules for you . . . and if you piss them off then they have no reason to do so anymore . . .

Just a warning.


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