New Project Ideas?

As has been discussed ad nauseam, I’ve been ridiculously in to little projects lately. I don’t know why I’ve gotten such a thrill out of making shit, but if anyone’s been suffering from it, it’s been my poor wife.

Well I no longer feel sorry for her.

While she has been in Seattle these past couple of weeks, she indulged in her own favourite hobby, hitting up the Thrift Shop (props to Macklemore, another Seattle native) and she found me the most outrageous gift ever.

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The Taste of Eeeeeevil

As I discovered with my cool little Superman Phone Case adventure (TM), projects can be fun.

I’m guessing they’re even more fun when alcohol is fundamental to the entire thing, however.

Kendra and I have a party to go to this weekend, and the theme for most of our friends’ parties is almost always “booze.” Now I approve of that theme, but we figured rather than just buy an ordinary old bottle of something from the local grocery store (and since we’re cheap and not going to buy something NICE), we figured we would do something interesting instead.

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