Look, I know I talk politics when I shouldn’t. I know I’m smarmy and unapologetically liberal. Here’s a secret: I don’t like either candidate very much. But I have lived abroad and it HURT me (sometimes literally) to have to see other people hate us for the political leaders we have. And YES, by God they do most definitely hate us. Everywhere. If you think they don’t you’ve been lied to.

An American friend of mine who still lives over there posted this article from the Guardian newspaper on her blog, and after having read it I felt the need to do the same here. I should point out for full self-disclosure reasons that the Guardian is considered somewhat leftist, but not overly so. Please please please PLEASE read it. Despite how we think, act, and like to believe, we’re not alone in this world. Yeah, we’ve gotta vote our hearts and minds; but we’ve got to also realize that the world is watching. We might be the biggest bad-asses on the block, but we’re not bigger and badder than the whole effing block.


P.S. I just can’t help it. Apropos of nothing: A totally different friend pointed out in HER blog how tired she is of hearing people bash on the current President for his performance on what must be one of the toughest jobs on the planet. That people don’t want a President, they just want a scapegoat. She may very well be right. It is an insanely tough job and he’s had to make a lot of no-win choices, some of which I probably bag on him for unfairly. For the sake of brevity I won’t get into the reasons why I think I’m right about him . . . it’s not the time or the place. However, I personally will re-iterate that I don’t think either candidate for his replacement is right for this toughest job on the planet.

But I will tell you that despite the many problems I have with President Bush, even HE is more qualified then a self-described hockey mom who has only been drafted into this race because she’s kinda hot and likes guns. You simply can’t forget that McCain is 78 years old and is signing on for a 4 year contract here. That means there’s an excellent chance this woman WILL be president.



President Palin.

“I Wanted to Use Public Funds to Build a Bridge that Goes Nowhere and Now I’m Flat Out Lying About It to Everyone in the World” President Palin.

“My Son is Shipping Out to Iraq AND I Want to be Vice President and I Didn’t Know There Was a Difference Between Sunni and Shiite Muslims” President Palin.


Well blast.

Well blast.

In an attempt to update how my site works like a week ago I apparently brought it down for 99% of the internet. Pretty much everywhere but my work. Whoops. I rule. So now it probably is back up. Some peoples might still get a 403 error but that should go away as their ISPs recache their DNS. My bad.

Those who have no idea WTF I just said, smile and nod. You’re better off, trust me.

So I know that not many people read my blog these days (taking it down for a week at a time doesn’t help), but I’ve gotta say that I’m . . . disappointed . . . in Senator McCain and his choices. No surprise there from someone so liberal they sometimes go Independent because their own party pisses them off so much. It’s just so transparent a move! And I’m even more disappointed by some of the women (and even some of the men) that I’ve overheard talking about it who REALLY should be able to see through it. People were afraid that Hilary Clinton would be elected just because she’s a woman and now all these neo-cons just can’t WAIT to vote for this MILF just because of her gender. When I try to engage in actual conversation about her, like her pro-life stance, her pro-handgun stance, her impressive two year history as governor, and of course point out things like the fact that she was pro-Alaskan oil drilling they really do just shrug and say “So? I want that. It’ll bring our prices down.”

. . .

. . .

! ! !

At this point I just have to walk away. Do people not understand that things take TIME?!? And MONEY?!? And that there’s NOT ENOUGH THERE TO MAKE MUCH OF A DIFFERENCE IN THE FIRST PLACE?!?! It’s like someone saying “I want corn on the cob for dinner tonight. I’m going to go plant some corn in the back yard 10 minutes before I want to eat.” Gah. I really don’t even know what more to say. It’s so completely ridiculous that it boggles my mind.

A friend of mine at work was so refreshing in his attitude. I asked if he had read anything about her and he said “nope.” And I said “Oh yeah? Why not?” And he said “Because all I want from a President is someone who is going to get me alternative fuel for my car. I don’t want someone who talks about not relying on foreign oil or anything like that. Even the Saudis are researching alternative fuel. If THEY can see that this is a necessity then we need to, too. I figure I’ll get that question answered soon enough by the two candidates and that’s the one I’ll vote for.”

It’s nice to have just one issue to care about. Kinda considering it myself.



I’ve got three things that I’m “ARRRRRGH!!!”ing in frustration over.

1) Spam bots found this site and I’ve been getting an average of about a dozen spam comments a day. As such, I’ve had to resort to putting a validation field into the comments. It’ll ask you a simple mathematical question, and you have to get it right (the irony is not lost on me. My math skillz are a bit lacking, yo). Just a warning.

2) Last night was the “Midwinter Night’s Dream” Charity Gala event for Southwest Shakespeare Company and NEVER have I seen such a large group of cheapskates. Apparently nobody in Mesa knows that charity auctions are not when you’re supposed to be looking for a deal, it’s when you’re supposed to buy things so that these non-profits can stay above water! One EXTREMELY rich woman actually looked at the Live Auction items (the really swank stuff) and said “Well I’m not going to bid on these, I don’t even know what they’re worth!” ARRRRRGH! It doesn’t freakin’ MATTER! You’ve got more money than God! BUY SOMETHING!!!!

And 3) I came home from said auction last night and went through my mail and found an envelope marked “DO NOT DISCARD.” I opened it since I was expecting a replacement credit card and that’s how I’ve seen them marked before, and sure enough there was a card. But the writing was a bit . . . off. It was a free gift card (again, not something I’m unfamiliar with as GD has a similar system). Upon reading it however and looking closely at said card, on the back was a “logo” where the MC or VISA should go which said “MOCK” all nice and fancylike. Upon FURTHER investigation, I realized that the magnetic stripe was actually just a darker coloured bit of plastic! The front of the letter said nothing useful and gave only a phone number to call “to get more information”. On the BACK, however, in tiny little letters it said “Gift card is reward for polling information that you provide after you consolidate your student loans with xxxxx company.” ARRRRGH! Why oh why oh why are companies allowed to try and trick people into changing who runs their student loans/mortgages/domain names/you name it?!? Shouldn’t this be illegal?

And as a final parting shot, WTF is with McCain? I know everyone has already talked about it, but I’m horrified. I almost considered voting for this walking pile of stupid. Way to totally and completely alienate an entire constituency (that you were doing SO WELL with!) just to get the vote of the right-wing wackos.

What a dumbass.

That is all. I’ll be blogging more now assuming that math thingy works. I haven’t been because I didn’t want to deal with the influx of spam . . .

Take care everyone,


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