1st Day!

I know that the typical season for posting First Day of School photos is early autumn, but my son just turned 2 on January 1st (yeah, he’s a New Years baby) and so he only just started his very first day at Pre-School today.

Wow. How amazing is that? I would willingly swear on anything you asked for that he was born just a month ago. Last week he said his first word (“dada,” naturally). He only took his first steps yesterday.

I have no doubt that tomorrow I’ll be teaching him to drive (while using every trick at my disposal to seem as calm as possible) and next week I’ll be watching him graduate from college.

Just. Crazy.

Two pirates walking to class.
Two pirates walking to class.



Short and sweet.


Just checked, and yeah. Mr. Old Testament says angels are about a million times scarier than demons.

Cause demons didn’t lay waste to any cities.

And even if they had, they wouldn’t have gone home all happy and whatnot thinking they had just done the will of God. At least demons know they’re evil.

Just saying.


P.S. Oh, and Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day. Yar.