An Item off of my Apocalyst

There was a fairly short lived show called No Tomorrow. The basic premise was that one of the two main characters believed that a comet was going to hit the earth in several months and wipe out all life as we know it. He had tried warning everyone and failed, so had resorted to living out as many amazing experiences as he could. The other main character was his new girlfriend who didn’t always believe him, but was enamoured by his desire to live life to the fullest.

This inspired me to create an actual Apocalyst of my own. It’s a real book that I really add things to.

Today, I got the chance to cross the very first thing off of it.

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Flip a coin, what shall we talk about?

Last night Kendra and I kicked off her Amazing Birthday Adventure (she will be turning *ahem* years old next week, and we’re going on a trip to celebrate . . . in fact I’m writing this post from the airport. Look! The future!) with a concert.

My longest-standing favourite band ever ever is Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers (previously known as The Refreshments of “Banditos” fame). They’re a band local to Arizona and despite getting brief national/international fame, they’ve stayed true to their Southwestern roots. I’ve seen them in concert more times than I could possibly count.

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Mean ol’ Kendra has made me hold back from telling everyone this for weeks at this point . . . blah blah, wait until it’s real . . . blah blah, you don’t want to jinx things . . . blah blah, stop making fun of me I don’t sound like that.

But today we got the final confirmation that we needed, in this whole crazy process and can announce that we have bought a house here in Mesa! 

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I like creating traditions. Following them I’m not always super fond of (the traditional hazing at my various high schools, for example, left something to be desired). But when you get to create the traditions, I think there’s all sorts of fun to be had.

As an example, I stole an idea from a co-worker of mine and every 4th of July I read the Declaration of Independence out loud to my family. My wife puts up with it and my kids are too young to understand, but I look forward to when they actively attempt to be elsewhere on that day. Similarly, I recite Henry V’s “St. Crispin’s Day” speech from Shakespeare’s Henry V on every October 25th. Why? Because A) I can and B) when you write a Master’s thesis about the Battle of Agincourt, that speech can’t help but become part of you.

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1st Day!

I know that the typical season for posting First Day of School photos is early autumn, but my son just turned 2 on January 1st (yeah, he’s a New Years baby) and so he only just started his very first day at Pre-School today.

Wow. How amazing is that? I would willingly swear on anything you asked for that he was born just a month ago. Last week he said his first word (“dada,” naturally). He only took his first steps yesterday.

I have no doubt that tomorrow I’ll be teaching him to drive (while using every trick at my disposal to seem as calm as possible) and next week I’ll be watching him graduate from college.

Just. Crazy.

Two pirates walking to class.
Two pirates walking to class.

Sometimes? It’s worth it.

Times like this morning, when you discover that your kid pee-sploded last night’s PJs. No big deal, it happens. So you go searching for others and you find a pair of PJs that you bought for him before he was even born because you knew that they were awesome and that he would need them eventually.

Yeah. Days like today, when your kid is running around with the cape of his Superman pajamas flapping in the wind, totally unaware of who Superman really is, makes the hours of screaming tantrums (approach being) worth it.




Oh come on. You had to know I’d start with that. Well here we are, about half way through our little vacation, and we’re having a FANTASTIC time! It really has been amazing. The flight was just as miserable as anyone who is afraid to fly and has shoulders the size of Atlas could ask for, but that was over with relatively quickly and when we got here we rented two cars. I’m driving a (relatively) sporty red Grand Am, and my Dad is in a granny-car Impala. Surely the Gods are pleased with me. Not too pleased however because They then gave me Mom as a navigator. We tried to go to Duke’s for a quick drink which is in Lihue, the town which has the airport, and yet somehow we ended up in Kapa’a which is almost a third of the way around the island in the wrong direction. This is not as bad as it sounds however, as it turns out that the entire Island of Kaua’i is about 552 square miles. To put it in perspective, Metropolitan Phoenix only is 517 square miles.

Anyway. We figured it out eventually and drinkies were had. We then made it to the hotel which is pretty much at 12 noon on the clock which is Kaua’i. Monday was a beach day, so we went to Princeville Resort (which was once part of Club Med back in the day) and hung on their beach. Oceans that are warm enough to swim in are awesome when it’s been well over half a decade. We have all been a little anal about sunscreen so nobody got too badly burned, though Amy has an interesting pattern on her shoulder where Nate must’ve just kindof given it a swipe.

Then yesterday was an all effing day tour of the island. It was interesting and all but it was in a big van with about 15 people and it was just entirely too long. That said, I currently have, minus about 200 images that I’m going to stitch into a panoramic, about 125 photos that you can view here. Feel free to browse at your leisure. These are all just from me and Bessie. They’re not counting what Amy and Nate and Mom and Dad have taken with their cameras MUCH LESS what Alanta has taken with Bessie Sr. or her point and click! In short, we’re are the slide show people from hell!

Today we’re staying close to the hotel and doing the pool thing. I’m back at the room to do the photos and to check my email which I’ve been doing compulsively all week. The reason? Because I interviewed two weeks ago for a new gig at GD and I was supposed to hear this week . . . and I just did! Yep, you heard it here first folks. I just got a new job as a Server Support (Jr. Admin) with GD. Yay me! 😀 Now I should really go tell the fam . . .

Have a great one, guys!