Inevitable Loss.

I find it amusing in a gallows humour kind of way that when surrounded by family members, with an incredibly loving wife available via a variety of mediums, and a whole host of understanding friends ready to lend an ear; I find myself turning to my blog — a blog which I have been woefully neglectful, of late, to try and work through my feelings.

I guess I’m a writer at heart after all. Who knew?

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3 Kids Stories

It’s not often that you get told you don’t talk enough about your kids, but unlike some people that I’m married to, I don’t post a whole ton on Facebook (and my dearth of FB posting is literally infinitely more than I used to, since I only recently re-opened my account).

However some family members recently asked me to share some photos and stories of the kids, and rather than devote a ton of space and time to one story, I thought I’d spend a bit of time telling a few. 🙂

Why? Because the little brats are small and it’s not like they can read.

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