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Server Room

This doesn’t look like anything special, but since moving home I’ve slowly been putting my network back together, and this time I’m trying to do it right. Today I bought and put together the shelves for it and I’m just about done I think.

We have a docsis surfboard 3.0 powering an Airport Extreme (not pictured are a couple of other Airport Expresses blanketing my house in Wi-Fi goodness). I also have a Canon networked printer/scanner that was cheap but does the job and a Synology 1511+ with 5 x 3Tb drives in RAID5, running Plex. Last on my list is to try offloading the Plex server to an old iMac and see if it runs any better. If not, back on the Synology it goes!

The fans are because it gets HOT in that little space and I don’t want anything to fry too easily. It IS Arizona, after all.

Facebook v Google+



This image has been making it’s rounds A LOT over the last couple of days.  Understandable since Google has just released such a seminal new Social Networking site, Google+, the first that has any hope of standing up against the current heavyweight champion of the world, Facebook.

Now in the interest of full disclosure, I’ve been a user of Google products since they came out, including Google+.  Not all products by any means (I couldn’t even tell you what practical purpose half of them even HAVE), but I certainly run my email through Google Apps and I literally would not know where I was supposed to be each day without gCal.  In the interest of FURTHER disclosure, I woke up out of a sound sleep and jumped out of bed to write this post (how’s that for a visual for you), so you’ll have to forgive any mental leaps which may occur . . . but I feel y’all need to hear the ranting that was taking place in my head.

But here’s the thing.  If you are the type of person who is concerned about Internet Privacy (and man are there a lot of you out there), then you probably shouldn’t be on social networking sites in the first place.  If you’re REALLY that concerned, you should probably ALSO be running your email through your own dedicated server (which is in your house) and your internet through a Tor network.

You also have other problems.  No, I’m not being snide, I’m saying that datamining is the next big thing and you’re going to need to cancel your weekend plans.  You need to start hitting up sites like and getting your data removed, because there is WAY more scary stuff just out there floating on the Interwebz.

That said, if you’re not quite that far gone, consider this.  Who would you rather entrust your personal data with?  A company which, when they make mistakes (and do not misunderstand, ANY AND ALL COMPANIES WILL MAKE MISTAKES) admits to it themselveseven if it sometimes takes a bit.  Or a company which is run by a guy who’s employees say doesn’t believe in privacy at all?  The same guy who says privacy concerns are just anxiety people get over?  The company where, at least up until 18 months ago, employees could access everything in your account (and I mean EVERYTHING)?


So I guess the question is, who do you trust more with privacy concerns?

A large corporation which you know has its hands in everything and is probably going to try and sell you something with targeted marketing . . . but at least it’s all completely automated and scripted and being perpetrated by a group who’s company motto is “Don’t be evil?”

Or a company which has had nothing BUT privacy concerns which has been run by a guy who you can’t block within his own social network if you find him unctuous and unpleasant?


Like I said at the beginning, I admit to being rather pro-Google.  Believe it or not, I don’t have active plans on shutting down my Facebook account any time soon now that G+ is up and running.  Nothing so drastic.  But the fact that there is actually competition gives me smiles.



P.S.  If you really ARE genuinely a privacy buff, give Google+ a try.  I think you’ll love “Circles.”  You specify for every post you make just who sees what you’re doing.  Absolutely no one else sees it.  It’s almost hard to grasp how much more of a lockdown it is.  You can actually have work on your friends list!  Wow.

Coolest thing I’ve seen today . . .

Which is not hard as I’ve just woken up, but nonetheless.

So you guys know what the Bayeux Tapestry is, right? Well in case you don’t, the short version is that in 1066 William the Bastard crossed the English Channel and defeated King Harold in the Battle of Hastings, thus forever changing the path of the British Monarchy. The Bayeux Tapestry tells the story of the preparations for that invasion and ends with the battle and King Harold being killed.

The following is an animated Bayeux Tapestry with sound effects and a soundtrack! It even has added in translations of the Latin inscriptions that are all over the place. For those concerned, yes “Carmina Burana” plays when the battle starts (what would a good Medieval battle be without “Carmina Burana?”), and Harold does indeed die with an arrow in the eye (rhyming intentional).

NOTE: I tried to get this stupid thing to embed, but WordPress didn’t apparently like that, so here’s the link straight to YouTube. Enjoy! Bayeux Tapestry

And there you have it! Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend.


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It’s the name of the site!

So I have to always be putting up stuff related to Thermopylae, Sparta, and 300 in general.

So now for your viewing pleasure:

Funny, eh?

And in other news, I’ve applied for a supervisory position at GD. It’s not for the general floor but instead for a new department that we’re starting up that actually makes custom websites for the customers. I have NO IDEA if I have much of a chance, but here’s hoping nonetheless!



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This . . . is . . . SPARTA!!!!

Yeah, 300 just as cool as I thought it would be. In fact, other people thought so as well, as demonstrated by my favourite online comic strip below:

Nice, eh? Alanta of course did not enjoy it as much as I did, but she doesn’t go for eye-candy quite like most other women do. Yes, yes, it is sad but true. The men were all sucked in to this movie by promises of gratuitous violence and bloodshed, while the women were lured in by Gerard Butler and 299 other men in loincloths and nothing else. I suppose I should be greatful that Alanta doesn’t go for that though, as my sixpack is still missing somewhere behind my keg!

I have other news, but that’s going to wait awhile . . . until things are more fully set. But rest assured that it is very good and very happy type news!

Until then,


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I’m narcissistic . . . and dead.

So I’m at work. Which means that I’m really REALLY bored. So I did something that I haven’t done in a really long time and Googled myself. Turns out that comes up first when you run a search for ash rhodes (even without quotes!). My success is not so great when I run a search for “daniel rhodes,” which really shouldn’t be that surprising. “Daniel Rhodes” is the psuedonym for a horror author, and as I recall there is also a musician, a bodyboarder, and a ceramicist who all share my name and are a lot more famous than I am. I was aware of all this, but what I WASN’T aware of, is that one of us has died. The good news: the dead Daniel Rhodes made it big enough that The New York Times ran the story. The bad news: he’s still freakin dead.

So yeah. Apparently I’m dead. I expect flowers from all of you now.



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