Random Stuff in Passing . . .

Random Stuff in Passing . . .

Well, I’m still alive. Those that follow me in Twitter are probably more aware of this than they are comfortable with as I update that on a frighteningly regular basis. What can I say? It’s a lot easier to “blog” when you’re limited to 140 characters. My life has been rather insane recently, and while there’s been very little that has been truly momentous that has occurred, there’s certainly been enough to keep me busy . . .

FAIRE is “in season” which means that I’ve given over my weekends, such as they are (more on that in a moment) to dressing up in a variety of ever-escalatingly environmentally inappropriate clothing to entertain visitors to the Arizona Renaissance Festival. When I returned from grad school all that I really had from my old costumes was my much-worn kilt, which while warm, could be worn in such a way as to minimize the heat. Then came the velvet doublet. Then our new Entertainment Director decided my doublet needed sleeves. THEN I decided I wanted to try being a Musketeer. Do you KNOW what a Musketeer wears?!? THREE LAYERS OF BLACK VELVET!!! (Photos) In short, the heat has made me functionally retarded. But at least I’ve had company as my brain has been fried in the person of Michael, the giant ape standing there with me in those photos. He’s a very old friend, since pretty much my first year at Faire 15 or so years ago, and we happily split our time between wandering around complaining about these young whipper snappers who don’t do anything right and hitting on the female whipper snappers who don’t do anything right.

Hey, they’ve gotta learn the hard lessons somewhere. May as well be from us.

PHOTOGRAPHY has continued to be a passion and is becoming a possible revenue stream/future profession. I try not to think along those lines too much however. Doing what you love as a job always seems to translate into learning to hate what you love, so I’m kinda holding back. That said, I’ve continued to develop BlackHole Photography.com and have added gigs and gigs of photos to it, including some of a celebrity who I’d say at least classifies as B List ranking (Chris Noth of Sex in the City/Law and Order [IMDB]). This weekend I’ll be helping to photograph my cousin Adam’s wedding, which will be all new and exciting.

WORK has been, well, work. In a moment of likely ill-conceived impetuousness, I agreed to go back to 3rd shift. The department needed it for all sorts of reasons, and I rather wanted some peace and quiet and to be on a shift that wouldn’t have me jerked around all the freaking time. This was about a month ago and it is indeed what I got. I still have not entirely adjusted to the schedule, but that is at least partially because of Faire. Hopefully once the season is over and things settle down a bit I’ll be able to really get used to things and get my life back into something resembling order, even if it is at the opposite end of everyone else’s order.

And finally, my LOVE LIFE has pretty much been chaos. I’m not going to say anything more than that because, well, my grans read this stuff. Hi Bama, hi Gigi! The rest of you pervs can use your imagination.

And that’s just about me. At least all I can think of. Hope you’re all well and I’ll try to talk to you soon . . .


Long(ish) Time

Long(ish) Time

At least since I’ve made a proper blog post. I’ve been Twittering like a madman. It’s just entirely too easy to jot off a quick note about something I find amooozing and then boom, yer done. Alas, the lasting record of it is not there however. Which makes for a sad Ash. I do so like the last record. History geek coming out.

And SPEAKING of history geek, yes, the Arizona Renaissance Festival has once again taken over Arizona/my brain/my life. We just finished the second weekend and despite low turnout (this will be the year to go, folks!), it’s been a lot of fun. My costume has continued to grow and mutate. The blue doublet now has sleeves and I wear a very froufy white shirt along with my normal tights and my new Windwalker boots. In short, Lord Archibald “Archie” Agincourt, the Earl of Bath is even more of a fop than ever before. That said, I’ve only been Archie for two of the four days I’ve been out. The second day of the Faire, Michael and I went as the Musketeers Aramis and Porthos, respectively. While we didn’t have women exactly falling all over themselves to get to us, this may have been at least partly because there was no one there . . . the rain fell hard and fast that day and the air was cold. We were just fine however. Those black tabards with captain’s coats underneath — all in velvet — really do the job in keeping the heat in!

Then yesterday (was it two days ago now?) I was asked by our Entertainment Director to come out in my civvies (plain clothes) with Roxy to take photos of all the participants at the Faire (up to and including the Medieaval Baebes). I did so, and while it wasn’t nearly as much fun and easily just as exhausting, I still got quite a few decent pictures which I’ve already posted at BlackHole Photography in the AZ Rennies section. Enjoy, just don’t steal without giving credit. And REALLY don’t go making a profit on other people’s work/image. Not cool to me or them. There, that’s done. Moving on.

Last bit of news, really. I was in one of my boss’ office last week just talking and somehow the topic of my shift came up. Again. Then the topic of another rep’s shift came up. Turns out this rep, who I’ve known for a long while, has been really unhappy stuck on third shift and wants off. They asked me to take his spot as I get along with most people and I put up decent numbers. I thought about it for a while, but when it really comes down to it, while I’m not happy on third, this guy is actively unhappy there and if I can help him out, the least I could do is give the guy a reprieve . . .

So if you’re wondering why the weirdly rambling and very chatting posting, that’s why. It was my first day on third last night and I am . . . punchy, to say the least.

We do what we can.


Holy damn!

Holy damn!

The Mediaeval Baebes are gonna be performing at the Arizona Renaissance Festival!!! Not only that, they’re gonna be performing the first two weeks of February, four times a day on the Falconer’s Heath.

So, uh, if you guys are looking for me in February, you’ll know where to find me…

What are the stalking laws related to entire bands?


Killing Time

Killing Time

Effing anything other than tidy my flat. I’ve got random remnants from unknown numbers of holidays scattered about the place, including gift bags, stocking stuffers that I don’t know what to do with, and of course the obligatory dirty clothes on the ground and clean clothes on elevated surfaces (that’s how you know they’re clean!).

Well, things are changing. We’ve had a . . . management reshuffling . . . at work. My immediate boss is no longer with the company, and they’ve promoted a guy that I’ve known for a while, though not well, to take his place. It’s certainly an unexpected, though definitely not an unwelcome change. It means that we actually work a bit harder because, well, this new boss actually knows about tech and so is a bit more on the ball with things, but that’s OK. It also means that I’ve had my schedule shifted slightly to an hour earlier each day (so now I work 6am to 2:30pm), but I’m actually rather OK with that because it means I’ll miss a LOT of traffic on my way in to work. The only problem is that this new boss was unaware of the previous conversations I had had with the old boss about Faire coming up and my absolute need for a Monday through Friday schedule for the months of February and March. He’s aware now . . . let’s see if he does anything about it (as I was promised from my very first effing interview!!).

Other than that, life pretty much continues. I welcomed New Year with a whimper rather than a bang. I was so ill I ended up begging off all three of the NYE parties that I was invited to. I was awake for the ball drop, but only by dint of my alarm clock. I had fallen asleep in my nice and comfy new Tempur-Pedic bed (ahhhhh).

Faire also is coming up, which has me all sorts of excited. My doublet is currently with a gorgeous young woman named Liz who is working away at adding sleeves to it, per our new costume requirements. Things could be worse, I could be required to get an entirely new costume as some people were. Unfortunately, the third member of our party has decided that she’s too good for Faire this year, and so has dropped out. Yes, my sister Carrie will not be participating this year, so instead it will just be Michael and me. Eh, it’s all good. She kept being that irritating voice of . . . oh, what do you call that . . . oh yes, conscience. We don’t need those. Bah.

OK, enough time killed. Must away. Be well, everyone.


P.S. Pictures from Christmas posted under the Personal Galleries section of BlackHole Photography.com. And I don’t remember if I mentioned it, but I put Vegas pictures up there too.



Well, I’ve been here for the better part of a week at this point and it’s been pretty all around awesome. The trip up was no picnic, and that little reoccurring nightmare, that I’ll get in a car accident and die by swerving to avoid hitting something somewhere in New Mexico all during the age of 28 . . . yeah, don’t have to fear it quite as much. I (obviously) didn’t die from it and it wasn’t in New Mexico (instead it was a few miles outside of Holbrook, AZ), but I had to swerve to avoid hitting a HUGE elk standing in the middle of the road and ended up doing at least a 360 on the side of/onto the middle of the freeway. Had the road been anymore crowded I would have been totally fucked.

BUT I survived! Since then I’ve more or less split my time between the Springs seeing a very pregnant Meggan (who just discovered she is having a boy and is due in mid-October), and Denver doing jack crap. Watching TV mostly. I just don’t know as many people up here as I used to so it’s kinda tough to reconnect! That said, last night Kristan and I got together and between the two of us managed to polish off the greater part of a bottle of Grey Goose and reminisce about old times. I kept finding myself almost telling Kristan stories, actually. Then I’d realize “Oh wait, she was there.”

It was amusing.

You may notice that it’s currently about 4:30am. I am up and blogging at this point because today I went to the Colorado Renaissance Festival. Seeing as I was out there with a bunch of other people who were in civvies, I chose to wear the same. The only thing is that they went home after about 2.5 hours whereas I stayed out the entire, very hot, very sunny, day. If I were in my costume this would have just been uncomfortable as it would have required a LOT of water, but I would have had a hat, long sleeves, and tights to save me from the sun’s rays. Instead I was in short sleeves, shorts, and no hat. In short, I’m a toasty mo-fo. It’s making sleeping . . . difficult.

But I’m gonna go give it a try . . . again. I’ve got the sneaking suspicion that this blog isn’t terribly coherent so it’s probably best to stop talking.


P.S. Oh, and as an added bonus, I forgot my inhaler and so the classic CO Ren Faire of “everything is uphill in both directions” added to the dust and the elevation has resulted in me coughing again. A lot. I REALLY don’t need to miss more work because of these stupid lungs!!

Interview . . .

So Katie (aka “ralphmyhippie” over on LJ) posted this on her LJ, and I took the plunge and asked to be interviewed. My response is below along with the rules. Enjoy . . . or not. Whatev.

Interview time
1. Leave me a comment saying, “Interview me.”
2. I respond by asking you five personal questions so I can get to know you better ! If I already know you well, expect the questions may be a little more intimate!
3. You WILL update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

1. what is one random thing you miss about glascow (with a zed, not a SSS)

For one thing, it’s Glasgow, not Glass Cow. Freak. And I miss the Maggie and it’s accompanying Scooby Snacks. The Maggie = snack cart, Scooby Snack = hamburger patty, sausage patty, bacon, egg, tattie scone, all on a bun. Mmmmm . . . Cholesterol . . .

2. do you believe in ghosts, and if so, how does it fit into your views of the afterlife, if you believe in such a thing?

I absolutely believe in ghosts, having encountered many of them in the course of my life/travels. Yes yes, as Terry Foy would say I’ve been hit pretty hard with the New Age Stick, but there you have it. And in general I believe that when one dies, in ideal situations their soul goes to rest with their Creator depending on their own beliefs, but since life isn’t perfect, the afterlife couldn’t possibly be either, so sometimes things go wrong and we get ghosts! (and in keeping with your next question, the scariest/most upsetting ghost(s) I saw were in the vaults in Edinburgh. BAD THINGS went on in there!)

3. why are there so many gothic teenagers running around ediburgh?

Haven’t got a bloody clue. I saw a lot more punks than goths, but either way I’m thinking it’s because concepts like childcare and responsible parenting aren’t as “advanced” as they are here, and so kids run wild A LOT more!

4. Do you believe in (or parts of to be true) King Arthur? explain.

Once I would have said yes. Alas, education has been forced upon me and I have to say a whole lot of no. I know that there was a Welsh/Alban general name Arthur (or Artorius, or something similar) but Camelot? Lancelot? Guienevere? Non. We can point at individual stories when each was added as an author’s flourish, more’s the pity. I DO think that those characters are some EXCELLENT examples of mythological archetypes which can be used to explain a lot of the human condition, however!

5. what is one thing you absolutly adore about me~

It’s all about the boobies.
KIDDING! No, what I love about you is the similar-yet-ever-so-divergent paths that we both represent. We were both raised in Mesa, we both went to the same church, and then we go off in different directions a bit. You embraced the church, I rejected it. You stayed pretty grounded while I am the weird one. But here we are, years later, both of us obsessed with history, working ren faires, constantly injuring ourselves (you)/getting sick (me). I love that there is so much that I can talk to you about and so many experiences that we’ve both had total independent of the other! So much fricken potential for really long rambling conversations! 😀

So there you have it. I’ve responded to your silly little interview! 😉 Missed you this weekend. Feel better soon!

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This has been A LONG week, and it’s not going to be getting better any time soon. Each time on the entire floor has had a mandatory overtime day which has been great for managing the queue time, but has resulted in a lot of short tempers. My team’s is on Saturday, which would have meant I couldn’t work first weekend of Faire at all. This was NOT OK, so I managed to get someone to cover my shift in return for taking his tomorrow.

So for those keeping track, I worked 6 days last week, will work 6 days this week, and my one day off will be spent on my feet all day out at the Renaissance Festival. Oh the things we do for the love of bad historical recreation and the enrichment of greedy little trolls (that would be Jeffery, not Bob)!

That’s been my life for the past fortnight, so don’t expect much from me. The new job is really great but exhausting, and I talk so much that I lost my voice on Tuesday night and have been wheezing all my answers for the past two days.

I can’t really go into it yet as things are still up in the air, but there’s also a very real possibility that I will no longer be able to afford a condo/townhouse of my very own. The downpayment probably won’t be the issue, but instead the month-to-month expenses. et’s just say that the British are right in insisting that their children not have to start life off with huge debt, because MAN does it cut off all your options!


Take care everyone.


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