What a novel concept.

I’ve been playing around with this new concept: Actually getting at least the amount of sleep that common wisdom says you’re supposed to. I know that it’s ground breaking, especially for me, but so far the results have been quite positive. You actually get out of bed without feeling too cranky and you don’t wanna fall immediately back into it. Plus having a beautiful brunette wake up next to you in that bed I confess doesn’t hurt that much either.

So today is the 17th of June and I find myself typing away on my computer because I needed to plug my phone in “really quickly” to let it update itself with the newest iPhone OS upgrade. I won’t lie, this is incredibly exciting to me because it is finally getting all sorts of support that it should have had in the first place. Stuff like copy/paste and MMS support (though of course AT&T is apparently behind the game and is waiting until end of summer to roll out network support for the latter). Eh, I’m not going to complain too much because I”m ENTIRELY too happy about it all! As long as the installation works OK, of course! If, like 2.0, it messes everything up and I have to do it like 4 times, then I won’t be quite so happy. 😉

I also obviously made it OK to Colorado and then back again. I had a grand ol’ time with Mr. M Turney. We spent a prodigious amount of time drinking and carousing. We met lots of interesting people as Archie and Reggie, and no doubt they currently think that we are gay. Which is just fine, they can continue to do that . . . the silly buggers. Unlike Arizona however, I didn’t have a place where I could keep Roxie safe and so I didn’t take her out that much, therefore there aren’t a whole lot of pictures, alas. What pictures I do have will show up eventually and I’ll provide a link when they do!

Take care everyone,

So sleepy!

So I finished that training that I was working on. Mostly. I actually ended up having to go home early on Friday ill (thanks a lot, sweetie. The girlie passed on a little post-nasal thing she had. What a giver!). I then turned around and went back in at 8:30 on Saturday night and have worked through the weekend doing 11 hours shifts with one hour lunches. Let me tell you, it is rough. Not like work in the hot sun doing labour kind of rough, but still. And of course the fact that the closest thing I’ve had to a break has been going home early with a head cold doesn’t really help.

That said however, it’s all over now! I’m off of work until technically the 26th of June 19th of June (not so much with the math), though I may come in and do a day of work on the 15th. As I mentioned, I’ll be making my bi-annual pilgrimage to our neighbours to the north(east) for to deliver one Jaguar, visit with the Meggan, and pay truly ridiculous amounts of money to huff and puff around the Colorado Renaissance Festival. This year, a variation on the theme is that my good friend Michael Turney will be coming along and we will be dressing up as Archie and Reggie. Colorado will truly never know what hit them. Especially since we won’t be participants and so we will no longer have to PRETEND to be rich and drunk. We’ll just have to pretend to be rich!

That’s just about me for this one. I’m going to post this before I fall over asleep on my keyboard and I just end up posting a long line of bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb’s

Take care of yourselves (and each other),


I have been schooled to the fact that it has been a revolting amount of time since I’ve updated this thing, and seeing as it is the only forum which even resembles a semi-permanent record of my thoughts and what’s going on in my life (twitter isn’t exactly permanent, and I’ve not even been updating that recently), I really should be a good boy and stop letting, oh, two and a half freaking months pass between posts!

So, Things That Have Happened . . .

. . . Well, during the intervening months and a bit I have continued to work in the same position at GD and only just recently got a promotion BACK to where I was originally hired on (though this time I should be getting a pay hike as the position is now technically higher). I’m in fact currently working the day shift in order to get trained in a refresher course for the gig before heading back to third shift power (which is just lovely).

I have also during the intervening time begun dating a truly amazing young woman who I cherish. You know how gun shy I can be about jinxing things so I’m not gonna name names, and as usual there is drama involved (honestly who would I be if there wasn’t at least some drama involved in my life, both love and otherwise), but for this girl, I would happily put up with any amount of troubles! ***and it should be pointed out that this post was full of typos until she came back and nagged me to fix them. Is it bad that I’m totally turned on by dating an ultra-literate?!?***

Other than that, the Ash really does just abide. I’m leaving next week for a couple of days in Colorado as per usual around this time of year. After that, it’s right back to work where I’m gonna try to not get fired or do something REALLY crazy like, you know, work.

Take care everyone,

P.S. She keeps threatening to bite me. Should I be worried? Ow. See?

I can’t catch a break.

I can’t catch a break.

I made it home OK from CO, but as was noted on my most recent post I managed to get myself pretty badly burned right before coming home. In addition to that lovely physical ailment, I’ve also found myself suffering from migraines with distressing frequency recently. A few months ago Doc Grainger put me on a wonderous drug called Topamax, which is great for reducing the frequency and intensity of migraines but is pretty awful with the side effects (which are legion and can be upsetting including tingling/numbing in extremities, a predilection for making snap decisions, and a tendency for most people to suffer from short and long term memory . . . reshuffling. Not quite loss, but it takes a LONG time to remember stuff).

So this morning I woke up to go to work with a pretty bad one but I thought I would be able to get through it. I then sat up and almost vomited. Literally. I went to get up to go to the bathroom and I think I might have lost conciousness. I was awake and then next thing I knew it was almost an hour later and I was kinda half on/half off my bed (and my side was cramped). Needless to say I called in sick despite having NO sick time available whatsoever. Sometimes is just doesn’t matter! Losing an hour of time has got to be one of the more distressing things to have happen, period. And this is coming from someone who has had a whole HOST of distressing things happen in the last few months!

Happily I’ve got an appointment with ol’ Doc Grainger already scheduled for this Friday (the dude is HARD to get in to see if you’ve not already scheduled an appointment), and I managed to last through the day mostly with the use of a dark room and a cool wash cloth on my forehead (sadly the leftover perk didn’t help at all. Stupid stubborn bitch of a migraine). The sad bit is I REALLY would like to get my butt into work. No one ever looks forward to going back to work after a nice vacation, but I really would like to get back to earning that bonus! Maybe I can convince the Doc that I need something stronger (preferably something that doesn’t make me quit my job this time, however . . .)




Well, I’ve been here for the better part of a week at this point and it’s been pretty all around awesome. The trip up was no picnic, and that little reoccurring nightmare, that I’ll get in a car accident and die by swerving to avoid hitting something somewhere in New Mexico all during the age of 28 . . . yeah, don’t have to fear it quite as much. I (obviously) didn’t die from it and it wasn’t in New Mexico (instead it was a few miles outside of Holbrook, AZ), but I had to swerve to avoid hitting a HUGE elk standing in the middle of the road and ended up doing at least a 360 on the side of/onto the middle of the freeway. Had the road been anymore crowded I would have been totally fucked.

BUT I survived! Since then I’ve more or less split my time between the Springs seeing a very pregnant Meggan (who just discovered she is having a boy and is due in mid-October), and Denver doing jack crap. Watching TV mostly. I just don’t know as many people up here as I used to so it’s kinda tough to reconnect! That said, last night Kristan and I got together and between the two of us managed to polish off the greater part of a bottle of Grey Goose and reminisce about old times. I kept finding myself almost telling Kristan stories, actually. Then I’d realize “Oh wait, she was there.”

It was amusing.

You may notice that it’s currently about 4:30am. I am up and blogging at this point because today I went to the Colorado Renaissance Festival. Seeing as I was out there with a bunch of other people who were in civvies, I chose to wear the same. The only thing is that they went home after about 2.5 hours whereas I stayed out the entire, very hot, very sunny, day. If I were in my costume this would have just been uncomfortable as it would have required a LOT of water, but I would have had a hat, long sleeves, and tights to save me from the sun’s rays. Instead I was in short sleeves, shorts, and no hat. In short, I’m a toasty mo-fo. It’s making sleeping . . . difficult.

But I’m gonna go give it a try . . . again. I’ve got the sneaking suspicion that this blog isn’t terribly coherent so it’s probably best to stop talking.


P.S. Oh, and as an added bonus, I forgot my inhaler and so the classic CO Ren Faire of “everything is uphill in both directions” added to the dust and the elevation has resulted in me coughing again. A lot. I REALLY don’t need to miss more work because of these stupid lungs!!

Days . . .

Days . . .

40 more until I am winging my way with my family to Hawai’i. I’ve not been since I was about 4 years old. I don’t remember much except that I had the chicken pox while I was there. True story.

14 more until I’ll be winging my way BACK from CO. Not something I look forward to. Have I mentioned that I don’t much like flying? Like at all? Over a million moving or electric parts in an airplane. My toaster doesn’t make toast correctly on a regular basis. Why do I trust a plane again?

12 more until I dress up myself up as some sort of anachronistic peacock of a fop and along with Michael Turney unleash Archibald Bigglesworth, Duke of Paddington (“Archie”) and his cousin Reggie on the Colorado Renaissance Festival. They have NO idea what they’re in for.

7 more until I see my one of my oldest and closest friends. I’ve not seen Meggan since January and in the interim she went and got herself pregnant. I’ve always wondered what she would really be like in this state, and now I get to find out! During this time I might also get to see my other friend Kristan who, rumour has it, might be Stateside right now. Holy crap, it’s an orgy of reacquaintance!

6 more until I face one of my biggest fears. I’ve had reoccurring nightmares involving driving through the New Mexican desert and getting in a fatal car accident since I was about 15. In those dreams I’ve ALWAYS been 28. For the first time since turning 28, I’ll be driving through New Mexico. This is also the first time I’ve admitted this at all publicly. But hey, one has to face one’s fears . . . and if you’re not up front about it, what’s the point?

And finally, 5 more until my 10 year high school reunion! I’ll be attending with an old (and yes, male) friend of mine as a date. Since I was on the swim team and in drama, there was a stubborn rumour all through my very Mormon high school career that I was gay. Well, why not give them a bit of a shock now. Samme went to Mountain View but was a year behind. He always hung out with us though and is a dear friend so why not bring him? We’re also going with my cousin and his wife. We might even get a limo so we can all get nice and sloshed!

And that’s about me. Just thought I’d give a few things that I’m looking forward to in the coming weeks! Everyone wish me luck . . .