On Work/Life Balance

Back in the early days of when I worked for Automattic, the folks behind this very blogging platform, new hire training was done over the course of two or three days. Full-time reps were asked to take training shifts of about a half-a-day each and cover certain topics for whichever session they were teaching.

Being the team player that I was, I tried to help out as much as I could. In each case, I would generally try and get that very first session on Monday morning because I would always sneakily add in one additional little bit to my agenda.

I would tell everyone to work less.

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The Changing Landscape of the Work Week

While it is a bit more than a year old now, that stunning source of scholarship and research, the New York Post, published an article which claimed that “Medieval peasants got a lot more vacation time than you.”

While I could — and probably should — bust out the variety of primary sources from my grad school years that I wouldn’t let my wife throw away during our most recent move (especially since this would give me a chance to put lie to her numerous bitchy “you’ll never use these things again in a million years” rants) to poke holes in the poor understanding of the lifestyle of not just peasants but everyone during the medieval period . . . I’m not going to.

Here’s the whole story . . .