I find myself . . . humbled.

Much of this will not be news to many of you (since we did not exactly hide what was going on when it happened), but last week our youngest, Georgia, got sick.

Quite sick.

We were on our way back from Kendra’s Birthday Extravaganza in Barcelona, Spain, when we got a call from my mom and dad, who had been babysitting the kids. She wanted us to know that little Jordi was running a fever. It wasn’t too bad, but she felt we should know. “No big deal,” we said . . . we were on hour 31 or so of a 39 hour trip home, and so our give-a-fuck about anything was pretty low. “Just keep an eye on her and if it gets BAD let us know.”

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This. This is awesome.

With a floating island of garbage of unmeasurable size, most of which is made of plastic, just bobbing around in the Pacific ocean; you can’t help but think long and hard before buying yet another disposable plastic bottle of water. Certainly before you just throw it away instead of recycling it.

Right now I’m in Austin, Texas, at the IMFCon (the International Music and Film Conference) for work, and these are being handed out instead of bottles of water. I cannot tell you how much I hope to see them catch on:

Boxed Water