OMG Lime Skittles!!

But who cares, right? Everyone knows that Green Apple skittles are way better.

That was a TEST!! If you didn’t just have a violent reaction of shock and horror bordering on the physical and nearly throw whatever device that you are reading these words off of out of the nearest window, then we are no longer friends and I invite you to discontinue following this blog.

Good day, sir and/or madam.


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Potassium: A Cautionary Tale

Confession: I have high blood pressure.

This shouldn’t be a huge jaw dropper to anybody. Not only do I have a significant family history of high blood pressure (not just my dad and grandfathers, which you would expect, but also my mother and all of my grandmothers as well), but I’m also not exactly . . . well . . . let’s just say that I’m not really ready for swimsuit season, am I? How’s that for a mental image? Me in a bikini. You’re welcome.

I’ve been on high blood pressure medication for years and like any drug, the medication I was on slipped in efficacy as my body got used to it and that’s where our story really starts.

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The Changing Landscape of the Work Week

While it is a bit more than a year old now, that stunning source of scholarship and research, the New York Post, published an article which claimed that “Medieval peasants got a lot more vacation time than you.”

While I could — and probably should — bust out the variety of primary sources from my grad school years that I wouldn’t let my wife throw away during our most recent move (especially since this would give me a chance to put lie to her numerous bitchy “you’ll never use these things again in a million years” rants) to poke holes in the poor understanding of the lifestyle of not just peasants but everyone during the medieval period . . . I’m not going to.

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The difference between “Winning” and “Not losing”

The furor has died down a bit since last Sunday’s (dare I say shocking) Super Bowl loss by the Seattle Seahawks, but I have found myself mulling over it since then. Not because I’m some sort of super fan of the Seachickens. Quite the opposite, I was raised split between Phoenix and Denver, and we don’t need to go in to what they did to my two teams in the last season-and-a-half.

Plus, I’m married to a born-and-raised Seattleite and I’m pretty sure that means I’m required to dislike them.

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This. This is awesome.

With a floating island of garbage of unmeasurable size, most of which is made of plastic, just bobbing around in the Pacific ocean; you can’t help but think long and hard before buying yet another disposable plastic bottle of water. Certainly before you just throw it away instead of recycling it.

Right now I’m in Austin, Texas, at the IMFCon (the International Music and Film Conference) for work, and these are being handed out instead of bottles of water. I cannot tell you how much I hope to see them catch on:

Boxed Water

Oh Best Buy, you scamps!

I may or may not have previously mentioned that I moved recently back to my old flat in Mesa, AZ. Now that things are finally getting back in order, we have gotten around to unboxing (and attempting to figure out what to do with) our embarrassingly large tv. No, really. Embarrassing. 60″. Who HAS a tv that big? Ridiculous.


When we lived in Colorado we had the tv mounted on the wall, and it was done by the neighborhood Best Buy. Between the nice markup on the actual bracket which we bought in-store and the $100 installation fee, I’m sure they made plenty off of us, and we were happy with the job they did.

Thinking that we might use a similar solution, we went down to the local Best Buy and were looking at the literally MOST. EXPENSIVE. option they had when a salesman came up. When asked about installation, he quoted us $250 rather than the $100 we had paid before. We asked why the difference and he explained in the most condescending way possible that the installation was $100, but they can’t just install the tv, they have to set it up for us too, which is more expensive. As he even admitted, “they have to plug in the HDMI cables and stuff.”

Of course the tv is currently running beautifully now after approximately 25 seconds of setup on my part. As the sales dude said, it required only plugging in a single “HDMI cable and stuff.” I asked if I could dispense with the setup fee and do that myself. Apparently not. That’s all required to be included together.

I usually feel bad about online giants like Amazon pushing even mega chains like Best Buy to the edge of extinction, but when they act like this, I’m suddenly less sorry!

P.S. Kendra is DEMANDING that I also tell the internet that I’m also being totally unreasonable and am refusing to buy her an entire tub of frosting for her to eat, plain. Because “I’m an ass.”

Message delivered. 😉


I just have to vent a little lot bit, and I’m sorry in advance for this rant. It’s . . . it’s long.

As you may or may not know, I’ve been on a bit of a trip recently. First it was 6 months or so in Colorado Springs, where I thought I would be living foreva, and then I was on a massive and amazing voyage across Europe. Because of all of this, I decided to rent out the condo that I had bought about 8 years ago (which I couldn’t sell at the time because, you know, the economy likes to make me its bitch).

So I contracted with a local rental agency (which at the time of this writing will remain nameless, but only until I can hopefully get what I need out of them, at which point I will UNLEASH UNHOLY HELL upon).

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Oh, motherland.

I know that any number of people would give me no end of shit for so easily claiming Alba as my homeland, but one cannot help how the heart feels. And tonight, my heart is heavy indeed.

Faced with the opportunity to follow through with a shared dream which every Scot that I have ever known, and by all the gods have I known a few, has harboured in their chests; the people of my family’s land and the land to which I look back on with eternal…Well, with eternal mixed feelings…but that’s not the point here, now is it?

The dream of once again having a country of their own, free from rule by a government which does not represent them, does not understand them, and certainly does not respect them. As an American and a student of history, I respect the hell out of those motivations.

And yet, they’ve gone and cocked it right up, now haven’t they?

At last count, the vote stood at 45% for Independence and 55% against. Too close to call it a mandate and too far for there to be much of a doubt by any but the most loyal of supporters, which I fully understand. Instead, Westminster may have the out they need to continue business as usual, while the world keeps turning.

The good news in all of this of course being that at least Montreal is denied an excuse to try and seceded. Again.

Alright, I’m ok again. Whew.

EDIT: Just had to add my favorite tweet from this entire mess:

It’s good they’re cute . . .

Because if they weren’t, when toddlers pulled stuff like this; the “get up at 5 am, refuse to go back to bed, destroy the living room, and then two hours later finally lie back down, but only if you’re holding them JUST RIGHT on their tummies” thing… Well, there’s got to be such a thing as justifiable bratricide.
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Texas: Less embarrassing than Arizona…Sometimes

Just a bit more than a year ago, I fully admit that there were tears in my eyes as I read about Wendy Davis’ stirring filibuster to prevent what can only be described as a bill designed to restrict a woman’s right to choose in Texas.
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