Household Horrors

This post is a bit long, and may sound a bit down, but I promise we’re all doing great. This is all a bit of a PITA, but it is no worse than many of the things that we faced while on Wanderlust and I can still say categorically that was the best months of my life. 🙂


Remember that time I told you that Kendra and I had bought a new house, and everyone was so happy for us?


Me too.

Those were good days, back before things had all gone so sideways so incredibly fast.

What has gone wrong, you ask? Well pull up a chair and I will tell you!

More rambling below the jump.

November 7th

Two things: Happy birthday to my dear sweet sister, Snotface, who turns a quarter century today.And two: GO VOTE! I may hate and despise all these stupid campaign adverts, but they’re the small inconvenience that comes with being able to help decide the course of our community/state/nation. So get out there and make your voice heard!

That is all. Go about your day.