Yet more pictures!

Took the camera out again yesterday for the final day of Faire. While my results are not nearly as artistic as some of those from last week, I’ve made up for it in other areas. For example, I’ve got pictures of the princess in her boobie-licious bodice. I’ve got the king getting in a water fight with a young pirate (and winning admirably, I might add). There are members of the Royal Court attempting backbends and hand stands with varying degrees of success. There’s the joust, and finally there’s the cast party with all the smuttiness that went along with it. So in short there’s fun for the whole family. Or at least for pervy guys with cameras!So just go to to check it out (should you so desire of course!) and know what you’ve been missing out on! You know you wanna audition for next year, doncha?!?


Photos and whatnot

I took my baby – er, camera – out to the site yesterday and spent a lot of time irritating people by shoving it in their faces. Luckily most Rennies are actors at heart so are never happier than when they’re getting their pictures taken. You can check out the results here.The weekend went pretty well . . . except. Except the crowds (over 18,000 on Saturday alone). Except the heat (patrons AND participants were dropping like flies!). Except the fact that the plantar fasciitis flared up really bad and by the end of the day on Sunday I had to go buy myself a cane. I’m still using it to hobble around the house. It would be funny if it wasn’t so pitif- . . . wait a second. It’s still pretty funny! But despite my injury I didn’t go home early and boy am I glad I didn’t! As usual I placed myself at the end of the day near the exit and harrassed people as they were leaving. While there I ran into an old highschool friend of mine name Chris and her fiancee, Danielle! Just walked right up to me and knew me. It was freaky. Then, right as they were leaving, JoJo the Monkey Girl made herself known and paused only long enough to yell at me for cutting off my hair (she last saw me something like 5 years ago) before running out the front gates. It was still awesome to see both of them though!

That’s about all I know at the moment. Spence came out and hung with us on Sunday which was awesome, and Carrie made it out again for the whole weekend (and we were, as usual, attached at the hip and spent the whole time complaining that the entire cast is different now). On the whole this past weekend was hard, but hey! At least there’s only one weekend left and you know how sad that’s gonna make me then!

Hope everyone else had a nice one and I’m sure I’ll speak to you all soon!