Bits and pieces

First and foremost, I must announce that I have a new nephew. My sister-in-law Brianne gave birth to Zephyr Marcus Proffitt on Tuesday afternoon, the 12th of September, 2006 via C-Section. Despite being almost a month premature, he is the picture of health (if a bit small) and is utterly beautiful. Here’s a picture of him with his dad:

Aren’t they cute?

In other news, I’m still suffering greatly from the kidney stones which have yet to pass, alas. I’m still working for GD and am enjoying it more or less. More when people are buying things from me and less when they aren’t . . . like tonight! Hmmm. What else? Well, A_____ has set a date on which she is going to North Carolina to work for the Renaissance Festival. She’s taking off on October 4th, so any time after that feel free to give me a call/text to occupy me as I’ll be bored and lonely.

On a totally shallow note, I’ve discovered the HBO/BBC series “Rome”. It is absolutely FANTASTIC and I love it to tiny little gory/lewd/perverted/violent/pagan pieces. It gives real insight into how life might have been back then in a very similar vein as the other “ultra-realistic” HBO drama, “Deadwood”.

And finally, in the spirit of keeping in touch, I have recently re-installed the audio driver on my laptop and so now have a working microphone again. This means my Skype works again (OK, OK, for the first time)! Those who might want to take a chance that I’m at home can try me at username “dtarhodes”. Best of luck with that!

Take care all and speak to you soon . . .

P.S. I’ve become a domain/hosting/email/everything else reseller! The site is still very rough and will be undergoing a design change soon, but you can check it out (and buy things for pretty cheap!) at SIK For the roughly one person who will get the joke (Crank), I’ve also registered a new domain name just for fun. stands for Emotional Black Hole Of Need and was the name of the server system in the Johnston Center at UofR. I’m easily amused, but it’s good fun!


I was apparently mistaken, and the “Mel Elward Celebration of Life” will be open to the public. It will take place on Saturday, May 7th, 2005 at 10:30am at Mesa Country Club. All are welcome and we hope to see you there.

Papa’s obituary ran in both the Tribune and the Arizona Republic and you can read the Tribune’s here. I think it’s beautiful and was written by my mother, my grandmother, and my uncle (if the link is dead, you can download it here).

For those of you who can’t make it to the Celebration of Life, you can download the pdf version of the programme here. I hope to eventually have the 20 minute photo tribute available for download as well.

Many of you I will see on Saturday. Those that I don’t, I hope you are well.

~Daniel Thomas “Ashton” Rhodes

My Perfect Woman . . .

. . . is apparently named Delta Goodrem. She’s also apparently the 98th Sexiest Woman in the world for 2004, according to FHM. Sweet personality? Dunno. Nice to animals? Haven’t a clue. Good all around person? Who cares? Just look at her!

Oh, and my very good friend Young Nik looks just like Miss Charlotte Church (but with blue-er eyes), this year’s number 15. Alas, she too is taken (Nik that is. I don’t know or care if Charlotte Church is taken. I’m done with those opera singer types)!

May I also say once again, that insomnia really sucks.


“I can’t forget I am my sole architect
I built the shadows here
I built the growlin’ voice I fear.
You add it up, but to do better than that
You got to follow me
Boy I’m trying to show you where I’m at.”
~Poe – “Hey Pretty”

Luck of the Irish my butt.

I’m vaguely tempted to rant and rave about how much I hate the Irish because of the stupid holiday that they are responsible for. However, I really, really don’t hate the Irish at all, and the holiday probably isn’t their fault. In my experience, the world is just going to jump all over any chance to literally soak themselves in alcohol, be they Irish or Japanese. At least in Scotland they don’t try to foist green beer on anyone.

Seriously though, Thursday was miserable. 12.5 hours at work, during which time I got to sit down once for about 10 minutes. You know all those stories I used to tell about the bad things that happen at work? Well pretty much all of them happened again two days ago. At least I didn’t get knifed on the way home. That said, it still had its moments. Most of those moments were at the end of the night when I got to, with great pleasure, heave each and every patron out on their respective arses, but still! In all seriousness, having my boss come up to me and go on and on about how many compliments she had on her staff really did make the whole night worthwhile. The fact that no one got too badly hurt was just an added bonus (the worst casualty was glass-collector Chris cutting himself pretty badly on a broken glass. It was funny watching the med student getting bandaged up by the student teacher [Joanne]).

I was actually very honoured two weeks ago when Jinty asked me to bring my camera to work on Thursday. She said she wanted the fun and games to be captured. I did as I was told and emptied out a pocket in my parka and kept my SLR close at hand. The results can be seen here. Notice, if you will, the appropriately green background!

I know I complain a lot, and in my defense this day deserved it. But I also had a lot of fun with the rest of the staff and a lot of the patrons. I hope they had a good time too, depite the fact that they constantly had me trying to get them to behave! I’ve gotta say that I’m glad I won’t be around for next year!


“There’s some takes delight in the carriages a rolling,
Some takes delight in the hurley or the bowlin’.
But I takes delight in the juice of the barley,
And courting pretty fair maids in the morning bright and early.”
~The Dubliners with The Pogues – “Whiskey in the Jar”

Birthdays . . .

Of course you gotta start with the tall, gangly dude. A great big happy birthday to “Hey Blinkin'” . . . er . . . I mean Abe Lincoln. Born today, died some other day which as a history guy I really should remember. But other than him, I also want to send out Happy Birthday wishes to two other people, both very special ladies.

First in time is my mom, Chris. She turns 51 today, and even though I’ve missed her last two b-days, I’m happy to be a part of this one! And the other of course is the Boss Lady, Kristan who will ALWAYS be the Boss Lady even though I haven’t actually worked for her for something in the region of 7 years.

So happy birthday, chicas!

In other news, “King Kong” is NOT a movie to see while suffering from a migraine. Stupid giant monkey.


I SAID it would happen!

So previously I mentioned that my blog had moved off of and had found a new “home” (ha ha) at This was in preparation for the main page to become my “Please buy/sell Real Estate through me” website.

Well, it’s now happened. Not exactly as I planned (instead of hosting it, the page really just automatically forwards to my Keller Williams website) but what can you do? And despite this warning, I’ve already gotten people clammoring to know where the can get their fix of all things Ash. Yes, I am that popular, I guess. Who’d a thunk it? So now you know, go to where I said to in the first place!

OK, a hole in my plan has just occurred to me. If you’re reading this entry, it means you’ve already found the proper website or else my LJ site. Hmmmm. Well, disregard the entire previous post then!


Don’t look at me that way! It’s early! I don’t function well when the sun is still climbing the sky!

Take care everyone!

How many? Huh? HUH?!?!

Just how many blind dates am I going to have to go on before I find something? Seriously. I’ve been back in the US for a bit more than three months. In that time I’ve gone on absolutely no fewer than a half dozen “blind” dates (in this world of e-mail and text messaging, I had at least communicated in some way with all of them) and absolutely all of them have been complete failures. Of the half dozen that absolutely spring to mind (there have been more, but I think I’ve blanked them out or something), I only met one of the girls again and that’s because we’ve acknowledged that we’d be better friends than lovers.

Today was the most recent. Seemed like a very sweet girl, and we’ve been exchanging e-mails for a while now. Lots of stuff in common including being pretty seriously fucked over by our respective long-term ex’s and a mutual love for the theatre. So I agree to meet the girl at 12:15 at a restaurant in Phoenix. At 11 I get a text that she’s running way late, can we make it 1:30 instead. Sure, no prob. Get there at 1:30 and wait. And wait. Text her. She’s stuck in traffic but is only five minutes away. Wait some more. Text again. She’s apparently super nervous and is sitting in her car in a parking lot afraid to come in. This I admit is endearing except for the fact that it’s now 2:30 and I’m tired of waiting. So I go meet her at her car. I coax her out of it, we get in the restaurant and she starts talking . . .

. . . and never stops.


I can talk a lot if given a subject that I love. But we’re talking 3 and a half hours here and I’m not at all exagerating. I had to finally cut her off, kiss her on the cheek, and say how nice it was to meet her before going to get in my car.

Again, I could count this as endearing but while sitting there trying to continue to nod and smile, I realized that this isn’t just the nervous chatter that some people do when in situations they’re not comfortable with. This is the never-ending stream of information about the most worthless aspects of the lives of the terminally self-absorbed. It’s really a shame too, because she’s a very cute girl, we DO have a lot in common, and all could have possibly gone well . . . if she cared about anything outside of her own life.

Ugh. This is upsetting. Mostly because I’m starting to get the totally-unfair-but-still-compelling-feeling that if a girl doesn’t have a boyfriend when she gets to be my age (26) then there’s every possibility that there’s something bloody wrong with her!

So what does that say about me?


Seriously. Why are they bothering?

This won’t be a long one, so don’t worry. I just noticed this article on BBC wherein I discovered that Saddam Hussein “walked out” (after having been ordered to leave) of his own trial. Despite having requested permission to leave, he was shocked when he was ordered to do so. “I led you for 35 years and you order me out of the court?” Later he left shouting “Down with the traitors.”

Now there’s no question that the dude is simply not a nice man. Killed a lot of people and whatnot. Granted, students of Middle Eastern History could tell you all sorts of stories about how what he’s done is nothing compared to what his predecessors did, but this isn’t the time nor the place. Instead let me just point out that historically, when you overthrow a tyrant, YOU KILL THEM RIGHT THEN. At the most you convict them of trumped up charges over the space of a half hour in a kangaroo court. You do not televise the thing and you don’t try and pretend like he’s going to get a fair trial. This is Saddam Hussein being tried in Iraq. That would be like trying Hitler in Israel.

You’ve just got to stop all this BS. He’s a walking dead man. He knows it. The jury knows it. This new trial judge really knows it. Someone put a bullet in his brain pan and let’s move on. All this is doing is creating a mockery of the legal system and giving him and his subordinates more chances to make political speeches. Does anyone actually want that?

Just a thought.


Well THAT’S something you don’t see every day

One of my best friends in the world is on the great wide internet . . . naked . . . voluntarily. Hmmmm. Oh the things I’ve been missing out on all these years! Without being a total perv, may I say “fantastic”? How ’bout just “awesome.” Oh, and “cold.”

Take care, Lady.

P.S. I should explain that the reason that I’m so fascinated by this is that, with the exception of one other girl (who actually also posed for the same website and had some pretty major issues) and to the best of my knowledge, no one I know has ever purposely strived (striven?) to be starkers on the interweb. I just find it so cool! Get down with your pornstar self!