Privacy and whatnot

Those who actually have a LiveJournal membership may want to add me as a friend and view my journal from there, as I will no longer be posting my un-edited views on life, the Universe, and everything on my un-password protected website. Let’s just say that I value where I am in the world right now and I’ve discovered there are consequences for those who speak out.In an entirely “unrelated note,” there is a column called “The Vent” in the last page of the A Section of the Tribune newspaper. Yesterday’s edition had someone point out that what with the use of torture, walls being built on our borders, and no assurance of privacy; this goverment is looking a lot more like Communist Eastern Europe than the United States. I’d say that it’s not just the government which is bearing that resemblence. I’m HORRIFIED that I feel I can’t exercise my freedom of speech.

But you’ve gotta tow the line if you wanna live, I guess . . .


I am aware of my shortcomings . . .

I don’t blog a lot. At least not as much as some of my friends (but I won’t name names *cough* and *cough*). I feel bad about this sometimes because I know I’m certainly not any more busy than either of these two ladies . . . but then something comes along and makes me glad I don’t.Turns out that a girl I know — no need to name names, let’s just say her first name is similar to my own — was fired from a job — no need to name jobs, let’s just say it’s for a company that I am familiar with — for posting on her livejournal. Her personal livejournal. Which was set to “friends only.” And which never actually named the company that she was working for. Now I’m certainly no lawyer type, but I don’t really know if a company can legally fire someone for writing an entry which isn’t specifically defamatory (I’ve read said post, it was just venting about the job and how she doesn’t much like it, but again names no names and doesn’t mention the name of the company), and indeed they turned around and without explanation hired her back a week or so later.

SO, you will notice that this entry is locked to friends, so it won’t find itself published on Further, I probably won’t be talking about my job pretty much at all anymore. Better to be safe than sorry when you need your job!

Take care everyone and in general I must cry out DAMN THE MAN!



I am not currently at work. This is because earlier today I had to go to the ER. Because I had intense pain in my abdomen. I was afraid it was my appendix. Instead I’ve got kidney stones (this apparently explains me pissing blood a few weeks ago better than the runin w/ the asshole at Big Bang).I think I might have preferred appendicitis.

“The pain involved in passing a kidney stone through your urethra is as bad for males as if you were giving birth” quoth the male nurse who has had stones. Female nurse agreed . . . I’m gonna need more percocets, I think. Of course there’s some doowackey that breaks them up with sound waves . . . but please note that I have not been w/ GD for 3 months yet, meaning no insurance!

Double Blah.


Title (got a problem with that?)

An old friend of mine and I have been talking a bit online. She just told me something that at first just made me laugh outloud about a previous mutual aquaintance (I can never spell that word) but upon further ponderance just makes me kinda glum. No need to go into the details or anything. It’s just late, most of my friends are asleep by now, and I felt a vague need to reveal to someone that it is interesting to me what will suddenly just knock you back on your heels.

I feel a little bit like when told me that she was getting married. Just kinda one of those “Wha?” moments.



GodDamn continues. I got a promotion. I’m not sure I really deserved it, but I took it anyway. It frees me up to work at the Ren Faire in Feb/March if I so desire. Upon pondering, I’m definitely sure I didn’t deserve it and that it might end up screwing things up a bit, but this definitely gets classified under “way too damned late to do anything about it.” In other news, I have resurrected SIK Enterprises, mostly so that I can access all the pictures I had stored on it . . . and also because I’ve been doing a LOT more photography/graphic design work lately and I’d love to be able to brand my stuff. So woo hoo on that.

That’s it for now. I should really go to bed. This whole 9 hours a day, five days a week is new to me and I still don’t feel like I’ve adjusted. But hey, at least I’ll get a weekend in a few days! Woo hoo for that too!


Ow. Owowowowowow.

Went home early — very early — from work today. Had a little baby headache when I left the house. It was about a toddler when I dropped A_____ off at home. By the time I got to work it was about ready to go off to first grade (like my nephew, Connor, who’s first day at his new school was today!!). Then I sat down at a series of different computers with slightly malfunctioning monitors to take calls and BAM!!!! My headache skipped recess, puberty, it’s first kiss, prom, graduation, first semester of college, any number of keggers, and the inevitable “I’m taking a break from school”; and went straight to forming an overly loud band with other college drop outs who decide on a totally ridiculous and inane name like “Decomposing Monkey,” or “Death Surge,” or “TOOL” and started “playing” badly tuned rehearsals in my cranium. The pain got so intense so fast that I had to be vaguely rude to a caller, put my system on “Not Ready” and run to the bathroom where I . . . ahem . . . was ill. It was unpleasant to say the least.

So my boss sent me home. I apparently looked like crap. Good to know.

Several hours of sleep later I probably still look like crap. “Death Surge” is still set up and rocking out in my head, but it appears they’ve gone into their power ballad phase, so I guess I might be getting better.

Just thought I’d share my craptastic day.

~Ash (the not-so-Mighty).

P.S. Oh, and A____ has been sick too with a sore throat. So that might be coming too. Rock!

Another gradumacation

This time from training at GodDamnit. I’m now officially a phonebank slave, which is fun times. I don’t know how good I’m going to be at the sales side of things, so it’s a good thing that I can live (relatively) comfortably on my base-pay alone. Of course I’ve got to sell SOME stuff just to keep my job, but hopefully I’ll get those numbers at least.

In even more exciting news, a guy I work with used to work back in the day for Zia Records. This was WAY back in the day, as in when The Refreshments first came out. He managed to snag one of 1000 CDs ever made of their very rough debut, “Wheelie.” Most of the album was re-recorded and released as “Fizzy Fuzzy Big and Buzzy,” but it’s still a total collector’s item for dorks such as myself. I’ve in fact tried to get my hands on a copy for years now and even once bid over $200 on E-bay for a copy . . . and STILL lost to someone else. Well, this generous soul was kind enough to let me look at and read the liner notes of his copy (did you know that P.H. Naffah was not part of the original Refreshments? Me neither. Do you even know what I’m talking about? Didn’t think so), and then presented me with a burned copy of my very own. I listened to it on my way to the bar (where I drank heavily to celebrate said graduation) and on the way home from the bar (during which time I concentrated on not causing an accident nor getting arrested . . . MOSTLY joking, on that one BTW. I’m very anti-drunk driving and so would have certainly passed any sobriety test a police officer would have given me). It’s very interesting, and it’s fun to hear different (and rough is DEFINITELY the word for it) versions of the songs I know and love so well!

And finally, A_____ has chosen a rough departure date. She’ll be taking off on or around September the 21st. Much MUCH later than planned, but I’m really not complaining as it means so much more time with her. Granted such time will be limited from now on thanks to my weird work schedule (and the fact that between my two jobs I now work 7 days a week), but anything I can grab I will!
And on that note I must leave you all. I hope you’re disgustingly well and I’ll probably neglect to write you all soon!

Love and whatnot,

One week in.

So I got a job at a company called “GodDamnit” (or if you are offended by such a term, imagine instead me saying “GoshDarnit”). The pay is better than anything I’ve ever made before (which honestly isn’t that hard), the benefits (once I get them at the end of my 3 month probationary period) are fantastic and “free” (as in, unlike my sister, they don’t take anything out of my paycheck for health/life insurance, etc), and the people are fun. I’ve been in training for one week as of now, and have one more week to go before I become a phonebank slave.

So I start in the phonebank in a week or so and work a relatively crap shift, but one of the cool things is that this company promotes almost entirely from within. That means that as you work and prove yourself you get better shifts, bonuses, and promotions . . . and such rewards apparently come quickly. In fact a couple of days ago I spoke to someone who is really quite high up in the heirarchy and he is expecting his FIRST annual review some time in the next couple of weeks. He started where I am and I find that awesome (and he really looks quite a lot like me if I was about three inches taller and several pounds lighter and I find that eerie).

So there’s that. Things with A_____ . . . continue. Her trip that she should have left on months ago at this point is still up in the air, and I take a lot of responsiblity for that (which I feel bad for). We generally spend way too much time together which has REALLY cut into outside-work projects (for her that means actually packing up and leaving, for me that means getting my fat ass to the gym), but we genuinely enjoy and like each other so much that I don’t really mind. We just fit together in an awful lot of ways, and I honestly didn’t think that would happen again after C!

But I digress. The point of this is work and really I’ve said a lot of what I CAN say. For various reasons the employees of my company are under various forms of gag orders and so I can’t really talk too much about the place (plus should I ever decide to criticize them in my blog, I can apparently be fired for it if I get too specific, so at no time will I be mentioning the name of this company, nor the true names of any of my coworkers/bosses . . . yes, you were right that “GodDamnit” is not the real name, but it’s a fun psuedonym so deal with it!). So when I can/need to vent, I’ll write about it all, but I can’t go into the details of my normal every day job, as I’d rather not get fired from the best-paying job I’ve had to date . . .

Much love everyone and I’ll see ya on the flip side!


Oh yeah.

Meant to also mention that I went tubing down the Salt River yesterday with A______. Man did it rock! The water is at its highest in years which alas results in a lot of vegetation underwater and a whole lot of mud, but also means a wider river and faster-flowing water! The water was also quite chilly, almost cold, and so I took great pleasure is exhausting my fat, out of shape ass by getting off my tube and swimming about like an extremely awkward, ungraceful, and (did I mention?) fat otter! However this also meant that my sunscreen didn’t hold up quite as well as it should have. My back, shoulders, and chest are a bit . . . pink. Quite pink to be honest. Doesn’t stop me from being super excited to go back! Next time I’m going to drag my brother, his son, and perhaps his wife along. They have no idea as yet of course, but what is life if not a series of surprises?

Oh, and my good friend Smashley managed to get my phone stolen. Not my current one that I use, but my slightly-older-but-no-less-expensive one. I’m not super upset about it anyway, but instead quite disappointed for her. She’s currently in mid-air likely somewhere over the Atlantic right now on her way to Britain and so she is without the tri-band phone that would be so handy to her right about now (well, in a few hours, but you get the picture!). But none-the-less she has Bowlesie’s phone number so if she makes it up Scotland way she’ll have someone to hang out with and show her the sights. I’m jealous as hell actually, as I quite miss it over there, but really how could I give up all the fantastic/fattening food that I’ve grown so used to since my return? 😉 Anyway, so it’s still a bummer that she lost it because I was thinking of using it when she returned. It’s just smaller than my PDA and so slightly useful. But whatever. It was a legitimate mistake! Best of luck to you, my dear!

NOW I’ll sign off. Again, take care!

Doings and happenings

I’m not entirely sure that either of those words are, you know, real. But whatever.

So yeah. Real Estate just wasn’t meant to be apparently. I’ve now completely and totally cut that out of my daily life, though I’m still a member of my brokerage just so that I can list some friends’ houses in case they ever actually get around to selling. However in the mean time this has meant that I’ve had to find a new job which has been a mixed bag, mostly full of disappointments.

First off I thought I’d have a job lined up with a property management company that I got my cousin a job with. Turns out they’re full up at the moment and aren’t looking for any more property managers. Apparently I’m not the only ex-realtor looking to use their real estate license for something other than resale! But that’s OK though because I figured I could always fall back on what I had originally planned on doing when I moved back from Alba . . . teaching. See Mesa is so hard up for teachers that for the past few years they’ve had an emergency teacher certification program wherein you could begin teaching immediately if you already have certain degrees.

Turns out that thanks to the No Child Left Behind Act, such things have been ruled illegal and so I would have to go back to college for an unknown amount of time so that I could get my teaching certificate . . . a prospect which interests me not in the slightest. As a small side note, let me make a point. I have a Master’s degree in History. That means I’ve studied the subject for years and years and years, and have dumped tens of thousands of dollars into my own education. How can the state and federal governments assume that I and my fellow graduates would be willing to then go BACK to school, paying quite a lot of money in the process, for one to two years just so that we can get a job which is universally recognized as being high on crap and low on pay? I am the first to say that we need teachers who are well trained and highly motivated, but when you make it even more difficult for us to even start down that road, well no wonder you have a shortage of teachers. The least you could do is pay them a salary commensurate with the amount of aggravation the job entails! Hell, apparently even my close friend/college prof Holly Hammond would apparently have to go back to classes to get some teaching credentials despite the fact that she’s been teaching for the past five years or more!

Argh. Anyway. So that didn’t work out. Long story short . . . well, not exactly short . . . I’m still jobless. Well, careerless. I’m still working as a bouncer and making not nearly enough money to pay my student loans. I’ve applied and I think hired for (knock on wood) a job with a company I shall refer to as “God Damn” (for legal and reference purposes), but have yet to get a solid start date for any training. If it is for real then I’m actually thrilled because this company pays well, has a great benefits package, and does most of its promotions from within the company. I’m all for that. I’d love to start out somewhere, even at the bottom (assuming the bottom isn’t too arduously shitty) and work my way to the top . . . or at least to management. Then once in management I can always shop around to other companies if my own starts sucking too badly.

Holy crap. I’m actually starting to look for a real honest-to-goodness career. I must be ill or something.

Take care, everyone.