I have a new special someone in my life. She’s wonderful. Amazing. She’s just absolutely gorgeous.

I think I love her.

Deeply, though of course cautiously.

(I have been burned before, after all!)

But there is a passion here. A passion that only a photographer can feel for his ridiculously expensive new camera . . . that happened to arrive just in time for a trip to one of his favourite cities, no less.

Internet, I’d like you to meet Bessie II, or B2 for short.

Bessie II and Ash Downtown
Look at that chump taking a picture of himself in a mirrored window. Oh. Wait. That’s me. Well THIS is awkward. Also . . . do I always make that squinty face when I take photos? Why didn’t anyone tell me?! No wonder I have all these wrinkles!

She’s a Nikon D5, which is the many great grandchild successor to my previous pro-grade camera, which was also obviously named Bessie (a Nikon D2x. And when I say “many” keep in mind that Bessie is over 11 years old at this point. How many digital devices do you own and use regularly that are 11 years old?).

I would get in to the many ways in which B2 is amazing, but it would only bore most of you, and those who care probably already know. So instead I’ll just show you a couple of photos that I have taken already just while testing her out! Mal was kind enough to help by showing off “his” hotwheels cars (once upon a time they were Daddy’s. We recycle in this family).

The photos below were all taken in pretty low light (low enough that original Bessie, or B1) would not have been able to handle it at all). As you can see, not only did B2 handle the low light incredibly well, but focusing system was a breeze (always a problem with B1) and the new lens also captured lovely bokeh (the pretty round bits of light are called “bokeh.” See? This site is instructional as well!).

And one more, the header from this post. Just because I think it’s pretty and shouldn’t be wasted:

Phoenix Cityscape
Right?! The view from Kendra’s office building. I worked from Downtown yesterday and snuck on to their balcony to take a few shots.


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