This post is a bit long, and may sound a bit down, but I promise we’re all doing great. This is all a bit of a PITA, but it is no worse than many of the things that we faced while on Wanderlust and I can still say categorically that was the best months of my life. 🙂


Remember that time I told you that Kendra and I had bought a new house, and everyone was so happy for us?


Me too.

Those were good days, back before things had all gone so sideways so incredibly fast.

What has gone wrong, you ask? Well pull up a chair and I will tell you!

This all starts on the day in which we finished moving in. I want to say it was the third of January, 2016. It had been a long and dirty day, so Kendra took the baby and went to take a bath in the epic all-tile bath tub which was the whole reason that we came and viewed the property in the first place.

It was gorgeous, wasn’t it? Yes, past tense. Ooooo, foreshadowing!

So she takes a quick rinse in the shower and then fills the tub. She wasn’t in there for 5 minutes before looking over the side and seeing water creeping out the side of the tub, all the way out of the bathroom. She describes it as a flood. I wasn’t there and know better than to challenge her on her choice of descriptive adjectives.

She came out and told me about it at great length, but I too was exhausted and told her I’d worry about it later. “Later” turned out to be the following day (a Monday) wherein I also took a shower but at first saw no water where there shouldn’t be any. I then ran the tub for a while and eventually a trickle of water came out of the side of the tub (“flood.” Aye, right). I drained the tub and resolved to “figure something out later,” since I needed to get to work.

Again “later” turned out to be sooner than thought. Maybe an hour or two after that I needed something from my wallet which was in bedroom and walked over to where it was sitting on a pile of stuff against the wall on the other side of that shower and . . . well . . . everything just squished.

The water didn’t just seep out the sides of the tub. It seeped out EVERYWHERE. It had completely soaked through the the base of the wall, wicked up the drywall, and into the carpet for at least two feet out from the wall.

Our Realtor is awesome and when we called her in a panic she got a flood guy out in a couple of hours to help. At first we tried drying everything out with high-powered fans (my electrical bill does not thank him) but he eventually just opened up the wall just to take a small look and he immediately discovered “contaminants” . . . professional speak for mold. This had been going on for quite some time.

And no, nothing like this was discovered in inspection or disclosed by the previous owner. She claimed to never use that bathroom. :-/

We were booted out of the room and it was cordoned off like that scene from ET. The more he opened up the more moisture he found. A small leak in one of the pipes had allowed water to get in, down, and under the tub and was just absolutely everywhere. It all had to come out.

Construction Zone
A small pile of the plaster and concrete they pulled out of that bathroom.

It has happily all been taken out now, and there is no sign of additional “contaminants.” We’ll be doing a series of tests throughout the house which are designed to fully verify that fact, but it’s looking good. We’re all safe, not to worry (and no need to send your horror stories about black mold and everything it can do to you . . . we’re both researchers and worriers. We’ve already read all of the stories!).

Of course now? Now we have no master bedroom or bathroom. For a little while we were living in the Arizona Room which directly adjoins the master, but between the need to cart the contaminated waste out and the need to have a place to store all of our stuff which we have moved out of our old storage unit, that just isn’t a solution.

At this point I think we're really just auditioning for Hoarders.
At this point I think we’re really just auditioning for Hoarders.

So where are we sleeping? Oh, that’s the best part. We moved out of our old flat because we didn’t want Jordi to have to sleep in the living room anymore. We have now traded places with her.

Please enjoy this bonus ginger toddler.
Please enjoy this bonus ginger toddler.

Now I know what you’re thinking: he really COULD have cleaned the Living/Master bedroom up before he took this photo. The truth is that I DID. But a certain someone woke up from his nap and had 10 minutes access to it while I made his lunch. Game. Over.

More accurate this way anyway.

So where are we now?

Now we are waiting. We have submitted our claim to our insurance company and already had an adjuster come out to review everything. He has sent his report back and we’re waiting on them to make a determination on the costs, etc. Once they do, they cut a check and we can go about getting things right again. We have a contractor in mind (again, recommended by our kick-ass Realtor), so hopefully they’ll do their thing quickly so he doesn’t get caught up in another job.

Between one thing and another, I kind of suspect that we’ll get back to having our own room in early March.

If we’re lucky.

Some bonus pictures of how the Master Bed/Bathroom looks right now:



    1. We are already putting some major thought in to what we’re going to be doing with the space. I am lobbying hard for one of those jacuzzi tub setups (with water jets and all) so that I can sit in there and relax! Get a little bench for my laptop and it’ll be a whole new take on a year without pants. 🙂

      (you’re welcome for that mental image)

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Wow, just wow. With that much damage, it’s rather unbelievable that “[s]he claimed to never use that bathroom.”

    On a more-positive note, I now know what an Arizona Room is.

    On a less-positive note, your experience redoubles my desire to rent rather than own.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, right? There’s “I travel a lot” and then there’s that whopper.

      And I genuinely believe in home ownership — at least for now. Ask me again once this is all done and I might be singing a different tune.

      Liked by 1 person

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