It’s one of the more “hippy” things that I buy in to, but I have a pretty strong belief that everything happens for a reason.

I hold on to it for dear life sometimes . . . because it’s the only life raft I have.

When absolutely everything that can go wrong is going wrong, it’s not because God or the Fates or whoever is toying with you, it’s because you need to not be right there despite everything you might think . . . you need to be right HERE.

Because if you’re right there, you won’t be able to sit down next to a random stranger who will turn out to be an incredibly important person in your life. Or you won’t miss that important meeting that will have tainted food served at it. Or you won’t be inspired by some amazing sight which will turn in to the Great American Novel.

Or like this morning.

This morning both Kendra and I managed to sleep through our alarm (a rarity in and of itself). Getting the kids up and dressed for school/daycare was an additional nightmare of epic proportions, though sadly that isn’t too strange with a toddler and an infant. When Kendra left she was so frazzled she forgot her phone and so I had to get a hold of our day-care provider and ask her to send K back for it (I know my wife and a day without her phone is like a day without caffeine . . . nobody wants that).

So armed with her freshly-retrieved phone, Kendra was able to take a picture of the reason we were delayed by thing after thing this morning. An accident that she would probably have been in if she had been on time.

"Sometimes, not often, but sometimes you get to see why you forgot your phone. Or over slept. Or both."
“Sometimes, not often, but sometimes you get to see why you forgot your phone. Or over slept. Or both.”

Coincidence? Oh, possibly. For sure. I’ve explored all of the philosophical/psychological meanderings in to how the mind only notices the spooky feelings around near misses but does not/can not notice all of the times when there are spooky feelings and yet nothing happens . . .

She might have missed that accident entirely, timing wise.

And yet here I sit with a wife who is still OK, and I can’t help but be really thankful for a shitty alarm clock, cranky kids, and a phone which got left at home.


    1. Thanks, Gus. Glad you liked the card game! I got the same thing for my birthday earlier in December and immediately thought of you two. 🙂


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