Back in September I subjected regaled you all with a short history lesson about the Battle of Agincourt and why I thought it was awesome (hint for those who didn’t read it don’t remember: A) because it was historically important [duh], B) because I studied it in grad school, and C) because I was going to the battle site for it’s 600th anniversary!).

Well it’s now been a couple of months since that 600th anniversary trip and I have finally taken the time to process and upload the photos from that trip, so I thought I would tell you all about it . . .

. . . it was AMAZING.

As you will see in the photos (which you’re totally going to look at, right?!), Kendra’s and my first stop was in Paris for a few days; giving us a chance to visit tons of places which we couldn’t during Project Wanderlust (things like the steps of Montmartre and the top of the Tour Eiffel are not easy with a stroller and a toddler!). We took full advantage and had a grand time, taking literally thousands of photos . . . an embarrassing amount of which are of really cool graffiti and each other! 😉

I know, we disgust even us, honestly.
I know, we disgust even us, honestly.
After Paris it was off to Azincourt (the modern name for the town where the battle happened). It turns out that despite what the Internet implied, we would not be “just fine” heading out to rural northern France and catching a taxi to take us to our Airbnb and then to the battle site. Why? Because there ARE no taxis. ANYWHERE.

Luckily the host at our Airbnb was possibly the most generous and kind person who has ever been born and came to pick us up at the train station (and dropped us off there when we left a few days later as well, amongst the many other totally unnecessarily generous things she did for us). For the day itself, we met a lovely British couple who was there for the same reason and who agreed to take us along with them in their car, because they knew better than to believe the lies of the webbynets!

The actual anniversary of the battle (October 25th) was probably one of the more boring days we had. The ceremonies were filled with long speeches, mostly just politicians congratulating each other on making it out (except for one by a noted historian . . . who I was super excited about until she started spouting utter nonsense and Kendra had to take me elsewhere to calm me down. Lady, don’t you go messing with history!).

After retiring for lunch for a couple of hours we made it back out and that’s when the fun was had. We met some Welsh recreationists who every year for the past ten years have dressed up in fully period costumes (including shoes), land in Calais, and then walk the route of Henry’s army to the battle site. I even got photos of one of their Sergeants shooting a longbow! These people were friendly, welcoming, and were quite literally anything that our own SCA and Renaissance Festivals should be (and sadly frequently are not).

Sarge with Longbow

We also met a guy who is a vintner in California and who was traveling around and visiting battle sites. All of his wines have geeky historical names (I think one was “Once more into the breech” or something similarly awesome). I took a ton of photos of him for his winery’s site, but I cannot for the life of me find his card, so they’re just going up. 🙂

From there we went on to London, where we saw the exhibition for the Battle in the Tower of London, where I was almost kicked out.


Because of this photo:

Agincourt Acknowledgements

I just couldn’t resist! That guy right there under Historical Advisors, Matthew Strickland, was my advisor at the University of Glasgow. He was the guy who encouraged me to apply for Glasgow Uni in the first place! Seeing his name on this as an historical consultant was just too fantastic.

The rest of the trip in London was a bit of a blur. We did tons of walking (mostly to keep ourselves out of the flat, which was almost certainly an illegally-rented out council flat . . . the equivalent of Section 8 housing). One of the highlights for me was making it back to The Globe Theatre, which is always amazing to see.

Our selfie game was pretty on point the whole trip too!
Our selfie game was pretty on point the whole trip too!
I hope you’ll check out the photos that Kendra and I took. There are enough of them that I’m not uploading them all here on my blog, but rather to my Smugmug site, BlackHole Photography.

And as an added bonus for sticking with me so long, please enjoy this under-four-minute lecture based off of my previous post about the Battle of Agincourt that I gave at my company’s retreat. I . . . do not come off suave. 😉

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