Mean ol’ Kendra has made me hold back from telling everyone this for weeks at this point . . . blah blah, wait until it’s real . . . blah blah, you don’t want to jinx things . . . blah blah, stop making fun of me I don’t sound like that.

But today we got the final confirmation that we needed, in this whole crazy process and can announce that we have bought a house here in Mesa! 

It has indeed been a hell of a process. It all started with an opportunity which came out of nowhere to buy a house just down the road from my childhood home. It . . . well . . . let’s just say it didn’t go well. But it really drove home how little our current situation was going to work in the long term.

Why you ask? Well, because we are 4 people living in a 2 bedroom flat. Workable, certainly, but not super easy. Mal sleeps with a fan on for white noise and is afraid of the dark. By contrast Jordi needs complete quiet and darkness, so is sleeping in our living room — which means that we are forced to go to bed when she does . . . usually around 8pm! Plus there’s the fact that we don’t have a back yard or much in the way of space. Things are tight for everyone and there’s just nowhere to go.

It’s so weird. This bachelor’s flat that I bought almost 10 years ago doesn’t fit a family of 4. Strange.

So after the original house fell through, we set off with a vengeance to find a new place, and as luck would have it, we found one fairly quickly. It is still close to my folks (less than half a mile) and in a neighbourhood which I still kind of grew up in . . . two sets of cousins lived just a couple of streets over. It’s got almost everything on our list . . . It’s a bit older (we like older houses with some personality), it’s been recently redone in a style which we enjoy, it has rooms for each of the kids, it has some space for an office for me and/or Kendra, and best of all . . . it has a Mother-in-Law suite which is already rented out to a paying tenant who wants to stay! 🙂

And what were we waiting for, you ask? Well a few years ago we had fallen for a house (when Kendra was pregnant with Mal), but it did not appraise and the owner couldn’t come down in price so of course the deal collapsed in a spectacular fashion. It has made us a bit gun-shy and nervous about the whole appraisal process. Today we got the appraisal back though and it was almost exactly the purchase price. It should now just be down to paperwork . . . not that “just paperwork” is any small thing these days. Luckily we got our rate locked before the news from the Fed today though!

So . . . who wants to move some heavy shit?

Enjoy a ridiculous number of photos of the new place. Please don’t feel like you have to look at all of them, I just grabbed every single one off the listing!


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