As has been discussed ad nauseam, I’ve been ridiculously in to little projects lately. I don’t know why I’ve gotten such a thrill out of making shit, but if anyone’s been suffering from it, it’s been my poor wife.

Well I no longer feel sorry for her.

While she has been in Seattle these past couple of weeks, she indulged in her own favourite hobby, hitting up the Thrift Shop (props to Macklemore, another Seattle native) and she found me the most outrageous gift ever.

Not kidding.

Not even a little.


I’d like you all to meet Sir Bedivere.

Seriously. Have you ever seen anything this awesome? Stop lying, no you haven't.
Seriously. Have you ever seen anything this awesome? Stop lying, no you haven’t.

Now I can hear you saying to yourself:

It really looks like a helmeted knight right there. Who for some reason has a 70s-era flip clock embedded in his chest. And you’d be right. A fully functional helmet. And a totally pimp clock.

Normally I’d be kinda creeped out by a statue face inside of a helmet. Probably something from Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade or the like scarred me for life and I have since done a truly excellent job at repressing it.

And yet, this guy is bad ass all the way around:

Sir Bedivere’s bearded and moustachioed face is perfectly welcoming, IMO.


So this leaves me wondering just what to DO with him. The clock in his base (happily?) does not appear to work. Right now I am thinking that I figure some way to get the clock out and replace it with a Raspberry Pi. Of course then the question becomes “what does one install on it?” I already have a SmartThings and Nest network in my house, so automation is pretty handled.

Any other suggestions?


    1. I don’t think so. I haven’t yanked the clock out yet, so I’m not sure quite how hollow he is, but given his heft I think I would have to hollow out his head in order to get the echo all the way in . . . which would also probably defeat the purpose of the awesome speakers and microphones (being shoved inside a statue)!


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