S*** Support Agents Say

I know that this fad is just completely over, but . . .

. . . well, I have been in some form of customer support or another for about a decade. Some days I’m in awe that I’ve been in a field (other than academia of course) for that long, especially a field where my first job was “just until something else comes along,” however you l know just how passionate about support I am, so I get a laugh out of such things.

Anyway. A coworker shared this video by the folks over at ZenDesk (one of the providers of support software), and it is fabulous. I have said almost all of these things, including that very last one — sorry for the spoilers, but everyone has accidentally signed off with a horrifyingly incorrect “I love you.” I even had members of our QA department come find me and give me shit about it for weeks afterwards.

Because QA are dicks.

So with no further gilding of the lily: Shit Support Agents Say


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