Sometimes you just gotta . . .

Sometimes you just gotta geek out.

Server Room

This doesn’t look like anything special, but since moving home I’ve slowly been putting my network back together, and this time I’m trying to do it right. Today I bought and put together the shelves for it and I’m just about done I think.

We have a docsis surfboard 3.0 powering an Airport Extreme (not pictured are a couple of other Airport Expresses blanketing my house in Wi-Fi goodness). I also have a Canon networked printer/scanner that was cheap but does the job and a Synology 1511+ with 5 x 3Tb drives in RAID5, running Plex. Last on my list is to try offloading the Plex server to an old iMac and see if it runs any better. If not, back on the Synology it goes!

The fans are because it gets HOT in that little space and I don’t want anything to fry too easily. It IS Arizona, after all.

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