Oh Best Buy, you scamps!

I may or may not have previously mentioned that I moved recently back to my old flat in Mesa, AZ. Now that things are finally getting back in order, we have gotten around to unboxing (and attempting to figure out what to do with) our embarrassingly large tv. No, really. Embarrassing. 60″. Who HAS a tv that big? Ridiculous.


When we lived in Colorado we had the tv mounted on the wall, and it was done by the neighborhood Best Buy. Between the nice markup on the actual bracket which we bought in-store and the $100 installation fee, I’m sure they made plenty off of us, and we were happy with the job they did.

Thinking that we might use a similar solution, we went down to the local Best Buy and were looking at the literally MOST. EXPENSIVE. option they had when a salesman came up. When asked about installation, he quoted us $250 rather than the $100 we had paid before. We asked why the difference and he explained in the most condescending way possible that the installation was $100, but they can’t just install the tv, they have to set it up for us too, which is more expensive. As he even admitted, “they have to plug in the HDMI cables and stuff.”

Of course the tv is currently running beautifully now after approximately 25 seconds of setup on my part. As the sales dude said, it required only plugging in a single “HDMI cable and stuff.” I asked if I could dispense with the setup fee and do that myself. Apparently not. That’s all required to be included together.

I usually feel bad about online giants like Amazon pushing even mega chains like Best Buy to the edge of extinction, but when they act like this, I’m suddenly less sorry!

P.S. Kendra is DEMANDING that I also tell the internet that I’m also being totally unreasonable and am refusing to buy her an entire tub of frosting for her to eat, plain. Because “I’m an ass.”

Message delivered. šŸ˜‰

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