I just have to vent a little lot bit, and I’m sorry in advance for this rant. It’s . . . it’s long.

As you may or may not know, I’ve been on a bit of a trip recently. First it was 6 months or so in Colorado Springs, where I thought I would be living foreva, and then I was on a massive and amazing voyage across Europe. Because of all of this, I decided to rent out the condo that I had bought about 8 years ago (which I couldn’t sell at the time because, you know, the economy likes to make me its bitch).

So I contracted with a local rental agency (which at the time of this writing will remain nameless, but only until I can hopefully get what I need out of them, at which point I will UNLEASH UNHOLY HELL upon).

I really should have known from the start that this wouldn’t go well. When the contract was first sent over, it had completely incorrect numbers on it. There were some . . . uncomfortable rules attached to some aspects of the contract (they didn’t have to even notify us of any work which needed to be done to the house as long as it was under $300, etc). And the level of communication from our rental agents left EVERYTHING to be desired.

But then the nightmare started. We originally requested that the flat be listed for one specific number. We were eventually told that there were people interested, but in a special price that they had advertised without our knowledge . . . $150/month lower than what we had agreed upon originally. I admit, I accepted it, but it was a “the tenant is moving in tomorrow, we just forgot to tell you. Are you saying we need to re-advertise for this property (at your expense)?” I caved. *shame*

This all is bad enough. But now we’re back in Arizona and we’d like to move in. It’s been a year, the lease is up for those tenants who are getting a hell of a deal, and we figure it should be no big deal, right? Wrong. WRONG. Wrongwrongwrongwrongwrong.

When I told the agents, they were super passive and sometimes outright aggressive about it, wanting to know why we would be taking back the home “so quickly” (as if it was any of their business). When I told them why (here’s why. And here.), I heard nothing back for literally weeks. When I contacted them again asking for confirmation that they had notified the tenants, I got a single-sentence email saying the tenants had been informed and were looking for another place. No notification of next steps, etc. Immediately following that email, I got another short email saying that they had called in a problem with the A/C and that though the agents didn’t anticipate an expensive problem, they would keep me informed.

Again, I heard nothing until I got my statement for the month, that someone had indeed gone out and $125 had been paid for it. I wrote in asking about it. Nothing. I wrote in again asking if the tenants were leaving and asking again about the A/C and was told the tenants were ALREADY out, a walkthrough had been done, and was given a receipt from the A/C repairman with notes in it stating this:

Found the heat pump condensing unit running in heating mode. Diagnosed a shorted signal coming from the nest thermostat. Bypassed the reversing valve signal at the condensing unit so that the unit will run only in the cooling mode. Did not attempt to make a correction with nest thermostat considering there may be a warranty issue.

Holy crap. It was running in heating mode only. Terrible. DEFINITELY need to get that fixed ASAP. Especially in an Arizona desert summer. But to “fix it,” you just turned off the ability for the heater to work at all?! Because you thought there was a warranty on the Nest? Come on, man . . .

Let’s be honest here. This guy had no damned clue what to do to try and fix the Nest and so he just flipped the only switch he knew how to. Which again, would have been fine in the short term. But instead of then fixing the real problem, he effing left. And to cap it all off, my rental agents LET HIM. They signed off on it. The warranty question? Even if it was a “question,” they could have reached out to me via email or phone (even abroad my phone worked most of the time), my dad who had power of attorney (which they knew), or even a family member who works at the same company! A possible . . . potential . . .warranty issue was no excuse whatsoever.

And now? Now they’re defending all of their decisions when it comes to this. They think we’re being somehow unreasonable when we demand that they get someone out there to fix it back to the level which it was when we handed it over to them in the first place. We gave them working appliances: a fridge, a stove, an oven, a microwave, and AN HVAC. They’ve now done a walkthrough and claimed that everything is working. OK, fine. I think anyone can see that it’s not. I’ll do my counter walkthrough and will immediately see that this NECESSARY piece of equipment for inhabitation is not working . . . what then?

To be continued, as the saga unfolds . . .

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