Dear Realtors: An open letter.

Dear Realtors:

I know that tone mapping is fun and that it really makes the photos of your properties “Pop!”, but seriously. Cut that shit out.

A friend of mine is house hunting back in Arizona, and they sent me this one house. It is close to my old neighbourhood and they wanted to know about the area. It might have some nice new upgrades in it, but I’m not sure. Why? Because the photos have been manipulated so badly that my eyes started bleeding and now I’m permanently blind.

You can check out the listing right here, or you can just look in awe at some of the worst offenders below:

The Pool

The Yard


And of course, to me the most offensive part of all of this was this gem:


Yeah, just a bit overpriced. But at least they’re seeing reason and coming down by a whole grand. 😉

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