SmartThings is happy today!

This morning I woke up to a very short email from SmartThings announcing that the much rumored acquisition by Samsung had gone through:


I’m honestly torn about this whole thing. I was a very early backer of SmartThings via kickstarter, and when I have a home a lot of it is automated with their stuff. But with that said, after the proverbial dream became a reality, the actual devices were too expensive to buy any more of. I got the ones I was entitled to as a backer, but I couldn’t justify spending literally hundreds of more dollars on just a few other devices to notify me if doors were open or closed (as cool as that was).

So if this acquisition means a better and leaner manufacturing flow, I’m all for that…I’m just worried that Samsung will do what they and so many companies like them have. They’ll grab the technology and the talent for acquihires, maybe use it in their own devices and initiatives, and allow the actual SmartThings platform to rust.

Considering it was a publicly-funded company and that’s where your roots are…I certainly hope you meant it when you said you’d remain independent…

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