Here I am, a Facebook Refugee

Later today I intend to disable (though not fully delete) my Facebook account. You probably already know this since if you’re reading this you were sent here from my “Goodbye” post on FB. Fair enough. Nonetheless, for those who are just catching up, a few recent . . . let’s just call them “tussles” . . . online has transformed social media not so much in to a place to go and keep in touch with friends and family and more in to a place which just stresses me out. As an added impetus, I found that when I was scrolling through my News Feed, when it wasn’t things that were making me want to argue with people on the internet (something which my mostly-patient wife always advises against), I was mostly just coming across people posting the results of the most inane quizes I could possibly think of. “What shade of purple is your soul?”, “What type of music should be played at your funeral? Take this quiz to find out!”, “What kind of fictional monster were you in a previous life?” WHAT?!  So that’s me. I need a vacation from it all. But thanks to the magic of, you know, the webbynets, if I run across something totally amazing, I can still share it with those who actually want to see it. I can talk with those who care to check out this blog every once in a while about what’s going on. And with a lack of FB, maybe I’ll actually update it regularly again. Hey! It might happen. You don’t know! Peace out.


  1. The one thing FB and G+ have over blogs is that you can direct the message. Blogs are for the most part public spaces, unless you go out of your way to make them private and then it’s more difficult to get people to converse or subscribe/visit.

    But for public (original?) content, it should always go on a blog and then be pushed to the social networks so you own the content. I try to do that, but sometimes …

    Anyway, I’ve subbed. You’re added to my Automattic folder in Feedly now 🙂


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