I figured out why I haven’t been sleeping too well.

Get this.

It’s because it’s been during the fucking day time!!

I know, right?!

I actually spent the weekend with a normal person’s sleep schedule and found that I was sleeping all the way through the sleep cycle (8 plus hours.  Totally unheard of for the last several weeks), and sleeping quite well too.  It was glorious.

Also of note?  Against all odds, I’m healthy.  That issue I was concerned about was that I was worried that I had the Wilford Brimleys (die-uh-bee-tuss).  So, I did indeed go in to the doctor and got roughly one-third of my blood taken.  From that however, it was discovered that my blood sugar levels were fine (which is great) but also that so were my triglycerides, my bad cholesterol and pretty much everything else except my “good” cholesterol which was just a little bit low (which just means I need to exercise more).

So that, needless to say, is pretty awesome.  Just thought I would share.

Take care everyone.


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