Holy first shift, Batman!

Yealp. That’s right. I, against all my better judgement, am on my final week as a light, darkness inhabiting, caffeine swilling, graveyard shift worker. Starting on Sunday I will be changing shifts from effectively Tuesday through Saturday, Late to Early; to Sunday through Thursday, Early to Mid.

This is not something I’m really cut out for generally, but let’s be honest here . . . it’s time. I’ve been on third shift for well over a year now THIS time around (I’ve even done it before), and while me being on this shift has happily not prevented me from advancing (twice now), I still feel like I’m not exactly under the nose of my bosses. I’m also not learning as much as I know I could be if I was in a busier shift.

Plus there’s the whole “no longer sleeping thing.” Yeah, it’s getting ugly. Just today I considered calling in late just to sleep some more, since I didn’t manage to get to sleep until ENTIRELY too late. This would of course have been bad, because we at least TRY to be responsible adults around here. By we of course I mean the Royal “we” because I have naturally gone THAT insane. Naturally.

At this point I’m just rambling, so I’ll say farewell. Wish me luck on my voyage with that acursed Day Star.


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