Killing Time

Killing Time

Effing anything other than tidy my flat. I’ve got random remnants from unknown numbers of holidays scattered about the place, including gift bags, stocking stuffers that I don’t know what to do with, and of course the obligatory dirty clothes on the ground and clean clothes on elevated surfaces (that’s how you know they’re clean!).

Well, things are changing. We’ve had a . . . management reshuffling . . . at work. My immediate boss is no longer with the company, and they’ve promoted a guy that I’ve known for a while, though not well, to take his place. It’s certainly an unexpected, though definitely not an unwelcome change. It means that we actually work a bit harder because, well, this new boss actually knows about tech and so is a bit more on the ball with things, but that’s OK. It also means that I’ve had my schedule shifted slightly to an hour earlier each day (so now I work 6am to 2:30pm), but I’m actually rather OK with that because it means I’ll miss a LOT of traffic on my way in to work. The only problem is that this new boss was unaware of the previous conversations I had had with the old boss about Faire coming up and my absolute need for a Monday through Friday schedule for the months of February and March. He’s aware now . . . let’s see if he does anything about it (as I was promised from my very first effing interview!!).

Other than that, life pretty much continues. I welcomed New Year with a whimper rather than a bang. I was so ill I ended up begging off all three of the NYE parties that I was invited to. I was awake for the ball drop, but only by dint of my alarm clock. I had fallen asleep in my nice and comfy new Tempur-Pedic bed (ahhhhh).

Faire also is coming up, which has me all sorts of excited. My doublet is currently with a gorgeous young woman named Liz who is working away at adding sleeves to it, per our new costume requirements. Things could be worse, I could be required to get an entirely new costume as some people were. Unfortunately, the third member of our party has decided that she’s too good for Faire this year, and so has dropped out. Yes, my sister Carrie will not be participating this year, so instead it will just be Michael and me. Eh, it’s all good. She kept being that irritating voice of . . . oh, what do you call that . . . oh yes, conscience. We don’t need those. Bah.

OK, enough time killed. Must away. Be well, everyone.


P.S. Pictures from Christmas posted under the Personal Galleries section of BlackHole And I don’t remember if I mentioned it, but I put Vegas pictures up there too.

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