Do you expect any less of me, really?

Do you expect any less of me, really?

Vegas pictures are up. And at just a biscuit over a hundred. Hey, you should be proud of me! I whittled that number down from WELL over two-hundred and fifty! Granted, the last twenty or so were of my parent’s and their new dog, taking Christmas card pictures after we had gotten back, but still! I cut it in half.

You’re welcome.

So they’re available for your viewing pleasure in two formats. One is a new javascript-enabled format which I’ve been playing with for about a month now which I dig. That version is available here. Unfortunately, this kind of gallery has a few bugs however and can be a bit arduous to work with so I’ve been keeping my eyes open for a replacement. I had thought I had found that replacement in a Flash gallery which you can see here. Alas I have discovered that it isn’t nearly as flexible as I thought it would be and can also be a memory hog, so make sure you close the window after you’re done with it or you might find FireFox/IE/whatever crashing.

Anyway. While we’re talking, I may as well announce that I’ve also been designing a new site to bring together all of my disparate photography projects under one roof. It’s called BlackHole Photography. I still am not done deciding how it’s really going to look and feel. Call what’s up there Alpha. Soon I hope to move on to Beta testing.

Now I should really go eat. Cheerios at 9am isn’t doing it for me when it’s almost 7pm.

Hope all is well . . .


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