Two Days Later…

Two Days Later…

Well, here I am waiting for my breakfast a couple of days later in a “coffee shop” off the casino in Planet Hollywood called Planet Dailies (DC wouldn’t license “Daily Planet?”). It’s a lovely place though like everywhere in Vegas, I would choke on the prices if I were at home. Eh. It’s vacation.

Mom and I have had a BLAST this far, though other than our occasional meal at the Planet, we’ve been avoiding our hotel. It appears there’s a cheer competition of some sort and so there are roughly ten trillion tween girls running around chanting cheers to themselves with mothers chasing after them freaking out. It was funny. For a while.

So instead we’ve wandered. A lot. Hit a bunch of different casinos and lost considerably more than we’ve won, which is again the point. I’ve truly realized that there is such a place as a PIRATE THEMED CASINO/HOTEL (!!!!!) which I didn’t truly grasp, but I don’t think I’d ever stay there as I didn’t get the enjoyable vibe off of it that I have off of other places.

Ah! Food! More later!!


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