This’ll be short as I am currently just killing time at my Mom’s computer waiting for my photos to download via an INSANELY slow USB 1.0 card reader onto her computer. Whatev. Still faster than zipping all of the 200 plus 5.5Mb files and uploading them for her to download.

Anyway. Well, I’m back. The flight was late but otherwise uneventful. I don’t recall where I leftoff before but I’ll just re-iterate that I had a truly great time and I’ve got very few regrets about the entire thing. In fact, I’m gonna cross post this on MySpace just for fun and because USB 1.0 continues to infuriate.

Well, once this is done I’ll be off home where my normal card reader will make considerably shorter work and tomorrow I’ll be whittling the 200 files down to a much more manageable amount. I’ll announce when and where, but they’ll eventually be made available. Some of them are OK. Some are awful (I was drinking, after all. A LOT.), and some will be going in my portfolio because they are TEH SEX.

And I’m out.


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