Let’s get this road on the show!

Let’s get this road on the show!

I am a true study of that creature, Internet geek — 29 (!), overweight, goateed, with long hair, sitting crosslegged on the ground, hunched over a gadget and typing furiously. The fact that it’s a trendy iPhone probably doesn’t mitigate my nerdiness much in the eyes of any women-folk nearby.

It’s good though. It’s good. I’m on the ground of an airport terminal and I’m only typing to let you all know that I’m getting ready to go be reunited with someone I care very dearly for… Your money. Yes, your money. All that money you have dropped over the years in Vegas I will soon be joined with. They will renamed the hotel Planet Ash the Mighty. And no, you can’t have a gift. I have very reasonable loan rates however…

Just thought you should know… 😉


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